Saturday , September 25 2021

Why David Attenborough does not help dying animals, we really want it

Let's surprise and surprise him, like Sir David Attenborough and his documentary films, that we have nothing else to fear from television – WHY, why can not you help the little boy careful about the kings with whales? !!

Most of us are not just about letting nature realize its direction, Sir David Attenborough he discovered why he did not allow the crew to interrupt the shooting Dynastybecause they had to kill the chimpanzee after they attacked the enemy.

Executive Producer Michael Gunton explained that the series was launched, "It is a very dangerous thing to hinder it, but if this is not the case, these penguins die by the wonderful nature of nature.

"If you tell them you've seen them and have not done anything, how is that conversation going?

They are not allowed to save the chimpanzees, but they can safely assist them in cutting stairs and allowing them to rescue new penguin penguins on ice paths.

Why not penguins, not chimpanzee?

David «tragedy – part of life, you showed it " and deteriorates the situation in case of impediment.

Later, he made a similar kind of hunt for leopards:

"Whatever you do, leopard can do something that threatens you, or you can not even go home, so it's dead.

"Leopard has to get out and find another ashes, and it can cause problems with their birds."

We wish still a wonderful life … but we understand its concept.

Do you agree with it?

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You do not believe you can be arrested for these things in Australia:

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