Sunday , October 17 2021

Basildan will host an exhibition of the Second World War, inspiring residents. | News

Residents of BAZILDON have been called upon to sign the Book of Obligation by pledging to "resist discrimination and discrimination".

The book was opened this week at the Towngate Theater, which hosts a free exhibition of the Second World War within the framework of the National Week of Confessions.

The display of the Code of Honor describes the history of the Muslims of Albanians who threatened their lives to protect their Jewish neighbors from fascists.

The free exhibition will be shown at the Towngate Theater until 16 November, with the Memory Hall of the Holocaust Holocaust, November 16.

Mayor David Deds said: "Our weekly religious beliefs have been launched on Sunday, when the gathering was held to commemorate the men and women who sacrificed our freedom, values, and rights.

"We invite you to join us for a clear message to promote inclusive community and support diversity and equity."

Cllr Dadds, on Tuesday, November 13, along with other guests, also made the teacher and priest of Basildon Hospital, Sidra Naeem.

Cllr Dadds added: "Interfaith Week is an opportunity to emphasize the value of all religious faiths in this country and to focus on strengthening interconfessional relations.

"The ability of the United Kingdom to learn more about different religions and religions today, and to increase understanding among religious and non-religious people.

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