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Financial Review of Pluristem Therapeutics (NASDAQ: PSTI) and Solid Biosciences (SLDB)


"Solid Biosciences" (NASDAQ: SLDB) and "Pluristem Therapeutics" (NASDAQ: PSTI) are small medical companies, but is it a big investment? We have two companies different from their profitability, analyst's suggestions, revenues, institutional ownership, dividends, valuation and risk-based differences.

Institutional and Insider Ownership

63.7% of the shares of Solid Biosciences belong to institutional investors. Compared to Pluristem Therapeutics, 5.2% of shares belong to institutional investors. 7.2% of Pluristem Therapeutics shares are owned by insiders. Strong institutional ownership – funds, large money arrays and hedge funds believe that funds are out of the market for a long time.

Experts Prices

This is the latest prices and pricing for Solid Biosciences and Pluristem Therapeutics, as suggested by MarketBeat.com.

Sell ​​ratings Hold ratings Buying Ratings Powerful Buying Ratings Rating rating
Hard biosphere 2 2 4 0 2.25
Pluria Therapy 0 0 4 0 3.00

Solid Biosciences currently consensus price is $ 42.63, which is 32.54% potential. The price of the "Pluristem Therapeutics" consensus was $ 3.83, which is 251.68%. Consistency rating of "Pluristem Therapeutics" and high probability, analysts are convinced that Pluristem Therapeutics is more favorable than Solid Biosciences.

Estimation and profit

This table compares the total revenue of Solid Biosciences and Pluristem Therapeutics with earnings per share (EPS) and an estimate.

Gross revenue Price / sales coefficient Net income Earnings per share Price / Income ratio
Hard biosphere N / A N / A – $ 52.11 million ($ 2.88) -11.17
Pluria Therapy $ 50,000.00 2,524.44 – $ 26.12 million ($ 0.25) -4.36

Success and success are higher than the Solid Biosciences of Pluristem Therapeutics. Solid Biosciences works at a lower price than Pluristem Therapeutics, which shows that both funds are currently available.


This chart compares the net profit of Solid Biosciences and Pluristem Therapeutics, equity returns and asset recovery.

Net margin Income from capital Income on assets
Hard biosphere N / A -63.10% -45.38%
Pluria Therapy N / A -91.60% -69.89%


Pluristem Therapeutics has strong biological science in 7 out of 10 factors between the two foundations.

Profile of Solid Biosciences

Solid Biosciences Inc. She is involved in the diagnosis and development of therapy for muscular dystrophy in the United States. Its leading product is gene therapy located at SGT-001, clinical trials I / II, designed to restore functional dystrophin protein in patients' muscles. Candidates for the company include SB-001, monoclonal antibodies to reduce fibrosis and inflammation. In addition, patients with DMF are developing soft dressing aids with functional and therapeutic benefits. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Profile of "Pluristem Therapeutics"

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc., a subsidiary of Pluristem Ltd. Together, she works as a biopharmaceutical company in Israel. It focuses on the production of various ischemic, inflammatory and hematologic conditions, as well as the research, development, clinical trials and cellular therapeutic products for the treatment of autoimmune disorders. The company develops PLACENTAL EXPANED (PLX) cell therapy products, including PLX-PAD cells, which is a classic III classic test for patients with acute renal insufficiency (CLI) in patients without revascularization, for postoperative restoration of hip fractures and in patients exposed to acute radiation. syndrome (ARS), as well as peripheral and cardiovascular and orthopedic diseases. It also develops PLX-R18 cells in the phase I clinical trial to restore the hematopoietic recovery of hematopoietic cells after transplantation of the hemopoietic cells and also conducts various animal studies for PLX-R18 evaluation for the treatment of ARS. The company conducts a joint research with the Berlin-Brandenburg Resuscitation Center; Agreement on licensing and commercialization of clinical trials and commercialization of PLX-PAD products in South Korea due to CLI and intermediate cadmium treatment; and nTRACK is a joint project with Leitat to explore the golden nano elements of stem cell markers. Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. Established in 2001 and located in Haifa, Israel.

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