Monday , January 24 2022

Israeli troops surrounded the home of a terrorist, Bakan, from the West


The Israeli army's attack was on a Wednesday in the Shuyyaka village of the West Bank and surrounded the home of a Palestinian terrorist who killed two Israeli soldiers last month.

23-year-old Ashraf Valed Suliman Nalwa has been working for a month after he attacked the offices of the "Bobcat" plant, which worked on October 7 and shot two Israeli colleagues.

Israeli troops ordered the families of Nafalwa to demolish part of the Shuaika housing. The destruction of the upper layers, which did not exist in the desert terrorist, was not planned.

On Wednesday, a video shot from the scene showed many soldiers, armored personnel carriers and at least one bulldozer.

Palestinian Information Agency WAFA In addition, the IDF troops broke the grenade at the entrance to the house. None of the Nafal's family members were reported as reporting.

IDF did not comment on the nature of the work done in the village immediately.

Palestinian terrorist homes attacking Israel often carry out a policy that is often violated. According to law enforcement groups, this measure is a collective punishment, and families of suspects have been forced to act.

IDF longdesc = IDF Warrior issued a warrant for demolishing two Palestinian militants attacked at Barkan plant last week. IDC warrant issued a warrant for two suspected Palestinian homes, in the last two weeks the Israeli killed

During the month of the Israeli army deployed to Nalwa, they posted posters on Tuscany's warning home, penalties for helping them, including extended detention, [work] allow themselves and their families ".

Along with the Karlo-style gunshot wounded in the Alon Group factory, the 28-year-old Kim has a livegen lieutenant agronomist until the murder of 35-year-old Ziv Hagbii in the Barkan industrial zone.

The Army investigated how to take Nagala's weapon into an industrial park with a gate and Levengron linking it to Enez.

Officials, who have denied their suicide attempt before the attack, are preparing to intervene in Israeli forces trying to arrest her. It is considered armed and dangerous.


Naalwa described his father, who was working in Israel, "not a trace of a peacekeeper." Last month, his relatives appealed to the Army Radio of Israel to Nagah.

According to IDF, Na & # 39; alwa is well-known for its security forces, but it does not have links with terrorist groups and is not linked to terrorist groups, it is said to be a "wolf attack".

Palestinian militant groups have praised Israel's attack on the Palestinians for their "crimes."

His mother, Lejegangron, was sent to his father Hajj for three days after the attack on Jezebel's 18-month-old son. On Sunday, hundreds of people died on the funeral.

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