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"Israeli water" is a taste of street food in the country

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Michael Solomonov was known for his interpretation of the Israeli cuisine.

Michael SOLOMONOV: I am Philly's manager and partner at the Zahav restaurant.

SHAPIRO: He and Zahav have won several awards. The same is true of the book of Zahab. Now Sheff Sulamonov has a new book called "The soul of Israel".

SOLOMONOV: "The Soul of Israel", you want to be as happy as roaming in the streets of Jerusalem in a small apartment in New York.

SHAPIRO: This is not a restaurant-style recipe. They are the kind of street food that Solomonov likes to eat in Israel – delicious pies, such as papaya, shawarma, baking slicer, currants.

SULOMONOV: Spinach – a spiral.

SHAPIRO: Yes. Yes.

SOLOMONOV: Feta is a triangle. Mushroom triangles. One of the potatoes (laughs) is a rectangle, do you know? But when I fly by plane, I can. And they – and the bags are greasy, and they are awesome.

Shapiro: The U.S. and Israel have grown up with Solomon. There were children from Russia and Ethiopia in the Israeli boarding school. Many Israelites lived in the Middle East only for two generations. So Solomon explains that the Israeli cuisine is indeed a great variety of cuisines, cakes in a single land parcel. To show, she shows how to make an Israeli dish in a friend's canteen in Washington.

SOLOMONOV: We make a Schnitzel sandwich and pita, which looks like a schnitzel from Europe is a very iso-Israeli dish. We put the Hawaiian here, a Yemeni word for rice. Then we will give it to him.

SHAPIRO: What kind of Mango is it?

SOLOMONOV: That is exactly what it is like a mango, it comes from Iraqi Jews, and from India. And then we serve inside the pythm that is entirely Arab.

SHAPIRO: So when you talk about the Israeli cuisine you make a container with elements of Eastern Europe, Yemen, Iraq, India …


SHAPIRO: … The Arab World. It is thrown into the soup bowl (laughter).

SOLOMONOV: That is exactly what happened. The chicken cock is full of pita, so you can drive, talk on the phone, smoke a sandwich, and make it really Israel.

SHAPIRO: (laughter).


SHEPHERE: Chicken breasts are thin. You can use other types of meat or vegetables such as zucchini. It turns the chicken into a delicious egg that mixed with Yemen spices. Then do not bake bread, cover the mattress.

SOLOMONOV: And it creates a very thin, incomplete cortex. Egg wash is like salty or marinade, which is great. Then do not like baking flour.

SHAPIRO: Especially if you want to eat it in pita.

SOLOMONOV: That is exactly what happened.

SHAPIRO: Another nearest upcoming fast? As chicken is boiled in the pan, it sprinkles with green grass.

SOLOMONOV: We have left it for everything. It's like salt and pepper.

SHAPIRO: So this is what your parents do, you can eat as a child.

SOLOMONOV: That part of your birth rights seems to be like an American Israel. This is what you are doing. When my mom was out of town, my dad was going to pack my lunch, it was amazing bread, butter, cold sausage sandwich, and from that time on, I would not be upset. Now, the best thing.

SHAPIRO: Solomonov's grandmother came from Bulgaria, so Schnitzel became part of their family repertoire before moving to Israel after the Second World War. Reflected, brown snapper with fluffy, warm pitta. Then they get some jewelry.

SOLOMONOV: You do not need a ton of matter.


SOLOMONOV: You need a couple of good ingredients.

Chaffee: tomatoes, cucumbers, mango juice, amber and sauce sauce, tehina.

That's beautiful.

SOLOMONOV: lemon spin.

SHAPIRO: Your father has sandwiches. Did he have the Subway franchise?

SOLOMONOV: Yes. My father has a Subway Sandwich Shop in Pittsburgh. Then, when we moved to Israel, two people were in Haifa.

Shapiro: How do you feel about sandwiches already known and successful?

SOLOMONOV: He loves it. You know, I was a sandwich like a child.

SHAPIRO: Did you collect Subway sandwiches?

SOLOMONOV: Yes. I was also the worst employee. He would definitely dismiss me.

SHAPIRO: No, nothing …

SOLOMONOV: (laughs) No.

SHAPIRO: … no tehina …

SOLOMONOV: No, not in the subway.

Shapiro: … no.

Managing a family history and world history manually. Together with Michael Solomonov, Stephen Cook, is a new book called "The soul of Israel".


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