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Little drummer girl name: three stages – chess games | Television and Radio


SPOILER ALERT: This record includes a spoiler for two small drummers. Here you can read two episodes

When is the "real theater" so realistic? Three of the little Baraban's girlfriends began with a red Mercedes, which was covered with explosives passing through the Greek roads, and ended with a fire in the German motorway. Kurtz (Michael Schnenn) and his team went on the stage and were charged with extrajudicial and extrajudicial executions: Salim / Michel and his beautiful vendor Anna were killed and the Bad Gowsberg bomber opened the series. The act of malicious intent, however, is designed to end the conflict.

By organizing these terrorist attacks in Germany, Kurtz gave the local police officer, Paul Alexis, an easy way to end Worship of the Bad Godsberg, a worshiper and a beneficial intelligence. In order to achieve a realistic goal, it was also necessary to make the bomb of Halil bombs. Salim's brother, Salim's final motion study, must be accompanied by a letter of love and letters of recommendation by a thoroughbred paper path; Ending with Charlie (Florens Pug). He may go on a trip to Scrubbles, but Curtis plays chess, taking three steps forward.

Was there any doubt that Charlie would take on his mission to send explosives across many borders? The episode went on his way and started with a car radio, but then in a fascinated blossom that made him a distinguishing mark of this drama, we held a briefing with the frescos with Alexander Skarsgard. It's like an actor's training, he's the favorite of most of Michel's instructions, even though he's known to be remote, though he's known for his "Semtex," but instead he would have been cigar in it. Then it was switched off with the Jason Bourne-esque stack of different euro currencies.

Curtis (Michael Shannon) and Alexis (Alexander Beier).

Curtis (Michael Shannon) and Alexis (Alexander Beier). Photographer: BBC

In a safe house in Munich, he got an angle to Curt Selim / Michel, pulling his handle out of the wire socket and writing all the prisons (including the Polyoroids Mr. Schwelle), all of the prison trials (including Photoshop's pre-hiding). Solitha learned that after his relationship with Kurtz, he had failed to see things that were invisible after his failure, when he realized that his failure was a little bit unsuccessful. If Kurtz had at that moment resolved the final destiny of the prisoner? I think it is possible.

Charlie fired a Yugoslavian firefighter before crossing Avg. From Charble to confirm that he wanted to get along with Rachel in Mercedes in Gethpplatz. Initially, suspected guards saved him in the 1970's in a marvelous tradition of frontier guards in Europe to investigate further evidence. After leaving the car, Charlie switched off the keys and made a Becker for the shelter, hidden in a nearby café as a suspected hunter.

The Curtis lieutenant left the traitor to the propagandist and the "little little journalist" Rosson as the following link in the chain of Shimon bombings – Charlie's celebration of a personal post-mission at the hotel at the hotel, killing the miniature in a delicate orange / brown flax bath. The boss demanded that he do something good, but after the nervous energy was released, Charlie fell asleep. Becker never hugged, and hiding the fraud of love faded into the room.

Becker (Alexander Scarcard) and Charlie (Florence Pu).

Becker (Alexander Scarcard) and Charlie (Florence Pu). Photographer: BBC

Then, the real opinion in Munich. As she loved Charlie, she faced the detainee in the face of their prisoners, seemingly young and vulnerable. (In one of the most dramatic sections of the drama, her colleague Anna screams at a distance from the soundproof cell.) In the uncomfortable scene of Challi, when she remembered the distinctive features of Salim's naked body, she was asked what she was asking for. Outside he called Beckker his real name – he smiled at Rachel in Scrabble, and we saw the slip that he held: "Never ever invite me to Gadi."

If the idea of ​​playing spy games originally appeared, Charlie was shortened to thoroughly digest love letters with various pens to make sure that Salim's companions could be trusted. I read this love and read aloud with Becker – but not for the first time, Joseph did not approach him, he mechanically answered. Does he really care about him, or does he play the role of an employee? What happened on the stage of love was so scary. A real nightmare for the galliocinogen, when Charlie Kuzts and his team saw him, saw Salim instead of Joseph.

Where does Charlie go? He went to London, where he had been waiting for the communication between the apartment where he held the phone and the letters he wrote on the guitar. In Munich, Kurtz says, "Now we will not record the play … the play will come to you". It is not surprising that she will be able to get out of the knee in her local snooker club.

Park performance review

Park Chan-Uuc is a paranoid trilogy like the story of the 1970s, with little observation through slow telescoping lenses in the city square, and tries to create a sense of tension. It was also interesting to see Anna's subsequent interest in Simeon following the release of the red Mercedes, but she did not give a clear reference to the novel, in a long and extensive picture, highlighted how chaotic it was that one of four had to succumb to the suffering woman . The park sees a long lonely life (even though Anna could not refuse her face when she got immersed in Simeon's ear).

Spy notes and observations


Charlie. Photographer: BBC
  • Using his autobiographical handwriting, he freely used a large number of small drummers who were wearing their lectures and medallions. At the end of this episode, he has become a very invisible look: all the black black necklace. Maybe the milk lining box is in four episodes?

  • Did you notice John Le Carrone's camel? He was a waiter at the city square, staring at the big Alexander Skarcard near the dogs.

  • I'm not a Scrabble expert, but it seems unlikely that GUTIGPLATZ will be able to get in the same way as there are only seven tiles. (Charlie and Rachel's other legitimate words are AXIS, RISK, and SORRY).

  • "My friends would call me Short-Future Marty …" Kurtz first appeared as ridiculous, clever rings, but now we see how we can do it with cruelty.

  • Little drummer's fun girlfriends are delightful, everyone is very slow to see, too strict, too complicated and so awesome … Now, are you half way out and keep in touch?

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