Monday , January 30 2023

Most Israelis questioned Netenia's security allegations: the survey


58% of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was politically motivated, saying he was "not responsible for the overthrow of the government" in the "secrecy of security." Galatas Morning Radio Announced on Tuesday morning

31 percent believed the Israeli leader was concerned about their national security, while the remaining 11 percent said they did not know.

During the study, Minister of Education and leader of the Jewish party, Naftali Bennett, lost the mandate in the upcoming national elections.

It is also expected that the Meretz party will find it difficult to obtain a sufficient mandate to get seats in the Israeli parliament or the Knesset.

Netanyahu's government last week faced a recession after the resignation of Israel's Baitinean leader, Avigdor Lieberman, as Defense Minister for a series of disagreements with the prime minister in the fight against the ongoing violence in Gaza.


The Galatas the poll found that Lieberman benefited from his resignation for public opinion.

Netanyahu has been fighting for the war in 2014 in Gaza, striving to stop the worst stroke of Israel and Palestine, trying to stop all the elements of the current security situation in order to protect its behavior and stalling last week's controversy.

Lieberman's resignation left Netanyahu in Knesset one-seat majority in the Israeli parliament and the release of Bennett's Jewish faction forces the government topple the government and early termination.

Bennett at a news conference in the Knesset on Monday said Netanyahu was in a very difficult state of security and that the country had always been in danger and could overcome them.

Bennett, in turn, announced that both members of the Jewish Nationalist Home party had announced their resignation and had earlier removed their party from the Netanyahu government. election.

On Monday, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon said he would not have a 61-member coalition. Khan Kulanu has said he has begun preparations for the May elections.


Despite Netanyahu's coalition crisis, one of his main political rivals, Bennett, refused to hold office.

Bennett, a very religious party of eight in parliament, said Netanyahu would take the time to correct the course on a number of issues.

"If the prime minister is important in his intentions, I would like to say his words last night, and here I am withdrawing all our political demands to the prime minister and re-defeating Israel over a great mission," Bennett told reporters in a live broadcast on television.

He acknowledged that he could turn down because he had abandoned the previous ultimatum.

"I know I'm paying a political price, not the end of the world, and if you win some, you lose a bit," Bennett said.

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