Friday , February 3 2023

Palestinian police chief in Hebron suspended Israeli warplanes after replacing Palestinian tires


The head of the Palestinian police in Hebron, Col. Ahmed Abou Reb, has been suspended from his post after documenting the change in the Israeli Defense Force tire.

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The image spread through social media networks has been harsh in the Palestinian Authority and accustomed to the high police position. Chief of the Palestinian Police, General Hazem Atalah, decided to stop the officer and make an investigation into the incident.

According to the first information received by the police, the incident took place on Sunday in front of the Susja village of the West Bank. Israeli soldiers were patrolling when the vehicle was stopped due to the flat wheel. Soldiers ask for help and Rub Rub gave them their tools. If the soldiers do not change the tire, he did it.

The Palestinians described the "Al Rub" document, which helped the soldiers enter the site, streaming online and for several hours became viral. The Palestinians took photographs of Pennsylvania and its security guards.

Chamber spokesman Luay Zrikat said on Thursday that he had suspended the rubble and set up an investigation committee to investigate the incident.

"While attacking the Palestinian police and providing the Palestinian people with a sense of security all day long, some have attacked the Palestinian police and attacked deliberately," Zrikat said.

Despite his statement, many Palestinians urged the social media to burn al-Ruby and used the image to test Israel's and Palestinian security co-ordination.

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