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The beet spillage in Israel reaches 1,401 – precision vaccination


The Ministry of Health of Israel reported on November 6, 2018 that 735 beetle cancer confirmed in October.

The total number of beets approved by the Ministry of Health in 2018 will be 1,401.

In addition, 838 beard cases have been registered in Jerusalem in 2018.

On November 6, Chairman of the Israeli Nurses Association Ila Cohen and chairman of the Histadrut GA Nisscard decided that all nurses and family health centers in all health care offices would continue vaccination against measles. necessary measures for diagnostics and prevention of spread of the disease.

Besides, Vice Minister of Health Ravi Yakhov said that all financial resources needed to cure the disease were cut off from the Ministry.

In particular, the Ministry of Health has taken the following measures:

  • In order to expand the vaccine campaign to prevent beetles in Jerusalem, it will open the Triparte-Halava Family Care Centers at night.
  • The action was coordinated with the CMO and municipal authorities. So far, the percentage of non-epileptic "pocket" vaccination has increased from 55 to 80 percent.
  • Communities are a mobile device for vaccination. A mobile device protects your destination near the site for vaccination.
  • Coordination with relevant elements in communities with relative low rates of earnings.
  • New nursing hospitals and new nurses in the District of Jerusalem, and helping pupils with additional labor and men / women health care.
  • Prevention of unwanted visitors from hospitals, such as premature babies, reanimation, oncology and hemato oncology units.
  • To consider restricting access to school for persons who are not in a position to endanger the community.
  • Because of the early age vaccine and the need to repeat the 12-month vaccine, it was decided to retain the first vaccination age, but the sole discretion of the regional doctors in the centers of the particular disease.

In the United States, Brooklyn and the state of Rockland have announced the formation of beet in New York State.

According to the Health Department of New York, the first beetles made in New York were bought by children during their recent trip to Israel.

As of October 6, 2018, 142 beet glands were confirmed in 25 states and the District of Columbia.

Most people who have beetles in 2018 are not stingy, says the CDC.

"Bees can cause severe complications such as brain damage and death. This virus is very infectious; When the virus is infected or scarred, it spreads through the air, "said Natasha Gilderslev, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist, MTM and Brookshire Grocery Immunization Specialist.

"Beef-measles vaccine is the best protection against measles, as it provides a constant immunity against all strains of beetroot," says Gilderslev.

There are two beet vaccines in the United States.

In addition, international travelers can get MMR vaccination from Vax-Before-Travel in local pharmacy.

CDC Vaccine Price List offers vaccine prices for the private sector for general information.

In addition, vaccination benefits can be found here.

Vaccines, like any other medication, may have side effects. We encourage you to report adverse side effects of vaccines to the FDA or CDC.

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