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The hope that the Sea of ​​Galilee is diminishing is unbelievable – Environment

Shortly after, swimmers in the Gibeonites sank in the grass on the grass of the Sea of ​​Galilee.

Today, they have their lamps at a depth of 100 meters, on the sandy beach, due to the reduction of the amazing body of water.

"When we come in, we get sick every day," says 47-year-old Yale Lichi, who has been in the family-famous lake for 15 years.

"The lake is the symbol of Israel, when we are in drought, we are the first to speak about it."

In front of Liichi, along with Christian pilgrims, wooden wells walk around the water and walk among the groups from all over the world.

The Sea of ​​Galilee, where Jesus' followers in the waters of the Sea of ​​Galilee believe that for many years, the ecologists are alarmed.

Plans for rebuilding some of Israel's fresh water bodies and Lake Tiberias, known as Kinnery, are under development.

For Israel, the lake is the most important water source in the country. Israeli newspaper Haaretz Provides water level on a daily surface of water.

His resignation caused deep concern. Recently, Israeli media have been paying attention when the two islands have emerged as a result of the decline in water levels.

According to Israel's hydrologist Amir Givati ​​from 2013, "In 2013, we are below the lower red line."

In 2001, about 20 cm from the record figure, but 400 million cubic meters of water per year were irrigated.

"This year, we only pumped 20 million cubic meters, but the lake was in a very bad state," Givati ​​said.

Additionally, 50 million cubic meters will be sent to neighboring Jordan within the framework of peace agreements.

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The & # 39; Banana Valley & # 39; –

Its unique characteristics exceed its religious value.

It lies 200 meters below sea level, in the Dead Sea, on the Jordan River.

The Dead Sea and Jordan are also unlikely to suffer.

Galilee is about 160 square kilometers, about the size of Liechtenstein.

The situation in the Ministry of Water is about five years due to drought.

However, "climate factors alone are not enough to clarify the record of the Sea of ​​Galilee," wrote Michael Winn, researchers at the Ben Gurion University in Israel Alon Rimmer and Jonathan Laron.

Irrigated farming, drainage and diversion are key criminals.

In the years after the Israelis, in the 1950's, they sought national construction and sought to "prosper in the wilderness" and created a national aqueduct.

From the flood, the water brings the lake to the rest of the country.

"The Tiberias Lake has been used as a national reservoir," said Professor Julie Trottier, a Palestinian expert on the Israeli-Palestinian water issue.

The artificial channel flowed in the west to the Mediterranean Sea and southward to the Negev Desert.

This system has not been for about 10 years. Most Western homes now use Mediterranean water, and peasant farms are treated with refined and treated water.

According to Israel's environmental organization Orit Skutelski, eastern Israel can not afford fresh water.

Farmers in the region rely on rivers to provide 90 percent of lakes.

According to the researcher, dozens of pumps annually shrink about 100 million cubic meters, their flow is small and not enough to supply the lake.

A few kilometers from the beaches of Ein Gev, on the rocky hill, large lines cover with dry plants the banana trees with leaves.

"We call it the Valley of Banana," said Meir Barkan, the tourist director of the Ain Gev resort agency.

"When they started planting trees, there was no water problem, and the banana was the only fruit harvested all year round."

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– "He is ashamed"

But Eran Feitelson, professor of geography at the Jewish University of Jerusalem, said: "It's a competition for resources between natural, agricultural and tourism."

Lori Avishai, an agronomist at the Zemak Niedlott Research Center, says that the decision "not to kill agriculture and the local economy, but also to use less water."

Authorities recommend providing fresh water to the regions through water aqueduct.

According to Skutelskiy, the water should be directed at the top to better manage the ecosystem, and then it may leak natural.

But it was very expensive, "said Skutelsky.

Menachem Le, 59, spent 39 years as a fisherman on the lake.

In an open palm he draws Peter's fish out of his nets.

"The decision comes only from the government or from the sky," he said.

It shows that there is a half-roofed ceiling that could not reach the cemetery boats and forced visitors to bank.

"I am nervous when tourists see the lake in this lake," Lev said.

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