Thursday , September 29 2022

The Israeli Minister for Strong Curriculum Proposes Minister to the Prime Minister


There is a risk that the coalition government will seize the party if Neftali Bennett's defense basket is absent.

Abdel Rauf Arnout


Israeli Education Minister Neftali Bennett threatened to remove the Jewish home party from the government if he did not have a defense card after Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman's resignation.

"If Bennett is not the Minister of Defense, then his party comes out of the ruling coalition," Jerusalem Post writes.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said earlier that Israeli Broadcasting Corporation could take a defensive package after the release of Lieberman's official spokesman Liquid.

Lieberman was dismissed on Wednesday after a cease-fire between the Palestinian opposition factions and Israel.

Lieberman announced his retirement at a closed session of the Israeli Beitin Party.

If Bennet's Jewish Home party is in power, Netanyahu's current Likud coalition loses majority of the Knesset, which prevents him from casting a vote of confidence in parliament.


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