Friday , June 9 2023

The Jerusalem Chief Rabbi was buried in a Jewish Jewish cemetery selling Jewish land


Jerusalem's chief rabbi, Ariel Stern, has admitted to the Muslim cemetery the Jewish cemetery in Haar Ha Menuquit in Jerusalem after declaring that the Muslim religious administration could not be buried in the Muslim cemetery.

Two weeks ago, on the way to Ala-Qarash highway, collided with a car and a minibus, killed six people.

When family members tried to bring their home to the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Mount Temple to pray for their home in the traditional mosque, Muslim demonstrators named Karash as a "traitor" for a few years ago dealing with real estate deals with the Jews. family and first bout.

As the accusation spread, the Jerusalem mosque refused to take part in the funeral.

Other members of the Karash family refused to take the body or drown the traditional festive tent and finally temporarily buried outside the Muslim cemetery in Nabi Salih, which is in Ramallah.

The mufti of Jerusalem, Erim Said Sabri Fatwa Any Muslim who sells the land to Israel in July is regarded as a Heretic, Unbelievers and Traitor to God, to Islam and to the Motherland. He instructed all Muslims to abandon the landlord, to refuse to marry, to bury, to interact with them, or to bury those people.

The sale of land to Jews in Israel is also illegal in the Palestinian Authority law, and is punishable by heavy labor or even death.

The resignation of the family eventually brought to the attention of the Israeli advocacy group in Israel, who sent the case to Rabbi Stern. Rabbin in a very dark manner believed that Karshi was "just peoples" and ordered her to be buried in the Jewish cemetery at Har HaMenuchot in the division dedicated to the unbelievers.

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