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The wealthiest family in the world – £ 57,000 per minute

What is surprising about the Valtones, even though they are the richest families in the world, they have been flying mainly under the radar for decades.

The descendants of Clan – Walmart founder Sam Walton and their aggregate assets make about $ 191 billion or 157 billion pounds.

He and his wife Helen had four children – Rob, John, Jim and Alice, all of them billionaires.

Sam was chairman of Rob after his death in 1992, and John was director before the plane crash in the mid-2000s.

Jim and Alice are not directly involved in managing the company – Steauer is on board while Jim's son is.

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

Left to right: Jim Walton; Alice Walton; Jim's wife Lynn McNabb Walton; Walton Leaven Walton, Rob Walton's Wife; and Rob Walton

Since 1962, the family benefits from Walmart – it only consumes Amazon as the world's salesperson, with 11,000 stores in 27 countries.

In this country, Asda has a supermarket chain, Seiyu Group in Japan and the best trader in India.

Bloomberg business news agency reports that Walton's wealth is rising at a slow pace.

Last year, her family found £ 57,000 per minute, 3.3 million pounds per hour, and 82 million pounds a day.

From the time you read this, the Walton empire expanded to 19,000 pounds sterling.

Walmart is the second largest seller after Amazon

The whole Walmart empire grew from the only store opened in 1962

On the other hand, the new Walmart employee, known as the "partners" in the firm, was up to £ 5 per pound up to £ 10 per hour.

But who are the volts and how rich are they?

  • Sam Walton married Helen Robson in 1943
  • He opened the first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962
  • She and Helen have four children: Samuel (Rob) Robson, John Thomas, James (Jim) Carr and Alice Louise
  • Sam Walton died in 1992, leaving company ownership for his family
  • Rob was chairman, and John worked as director until death in 2005
  • He left behind his wife, Christie, and his son, Lucas
  • Jim and Alice are not directly involved in the company, though Jim Walton's board of directors is Arvest Bank
  • His son, Stuart Walmart, has three other children: Thomas, James and Alice
  • Alice is divorced without a baby, and Rob believes there will be at least four children from three marriages

Baywatch star Kelly Rohrabach has been married to Steve Waltton

Stewart Walton is the son of Jim Walton and Lynn McNabb

Sam Walton, 1918 year of birth, was known for his economic efficiency,

He first fled for the first time in his life, lived in a simple red house and headed the red truck.

Bigger boy Rob was happy to spend his money.

As reported by Business Insider, it has a vintage car kit, and in 2013 it rated the rare Daytona Coupe of £ 12.3 million.

Kelley Rohrbach announces his secret marriage to Walmart heir Steuart Walton

Couples marry at the beginning of this year

When John Walton died in 2005 in a plane crash, he left 17 percent of his wealth to his wife, Christie, and the rest of her wealth to her son, Lucas.

71-year-old Jim Walton, married to Lynne McNabble Walton, costs £ 40.8 billion.

Jim and Lynn have four children – Alice A. Pritty, Thomas L. Walton, James M. Walton and Stuart Walton.

The latter, one of the company's directors and Baywatch star Kelly, was born in Rohrabach at the beginning of this year.

Jim Walton is on the stage with Jimmy Fox at the Walmart Annual Shareholders' Meeting last year

From left to right: Rob, Alice and Jim Walton, children of Sam and Helen Walton

He and his brother, Thomas, are interested in mountain bikers and they have created an investment company RZC Investments.

Alice Walton has £ 40 billion in sterling. Two times divorced, no children.

Alicia's collection attracts a huge personal collection of about $ 500 million and engages in art.

Five years ago, he pulled out a ruble of £ 36.5 million for a picture of famous George Crescent.

It was the biggest money spent on a piece of art made by a woman.

He also bought and sold many luxury properties for several years, including two daughters in Texas and an apartment in Park Avenue, New York.

Alice Walton, now known for his artistic talent, once paid £ 36.5 million for the painting of George O. Kif

Walmart's founder Sam Walton and his family's photo at Walmart Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas

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The charitable hand of the corporation – the Walton family fund has earned millions of dollars from its generosity.

According to Bloomberg, Walton Enterprises owns half of Walmart's family property and 50% of its shares have paid £ 2.5 bn last year.

Despite their wealth, however, the family carefully monitored the leaflets of the society feeding on social networks and paparazzi.

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