Saturday , January 28 2023

Welcome to the German National Finals, Unser Lied für Israel!


The German national final is scheduled for February 2019. NDR used the same system, which was selected this year. Who is Michael Schulte and her favorite place in Lisbon? Now in February we know the first six live airplane names. The first six, because NDR still continues to talk to artists. If more and more names are published, we will refresh the article!

Meeting with participants "Unser Lied Für Israel"


Ali Ryan

He has been in Los Angeles for the last five years so he has the longest track record. The 21-year-old singer was the most popular on the Soundcloud platform. Some songs and albums worked. The last Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was aired, but he is looking forward receive you need to go back to it.

As for clothes, Ali is not always the same as everyone else. He likes many colors in all places. Ali himself taught guitar and piano. His songs are "like a diary". She writes what she's been doing with her and just sings. He always wants to be honest: "The more you tell and the more you tell, the better the listener is, the more you listen to."

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