Monday , January 30 2023

& # 39; Ti gonfio di botte & # 39; (VIDEO)


Tonight Paola Perego was among the victims of the second episode Significantly Featured on # 5 channel. The presenter was the hero of the episode, which deprived her of the stress and caused the ghagg's actor to beat her. The latter was harsh in the speaker's car, however, this picture was not appreciated by Paola. [VIDEO]

The image of fiction is made on Paola Perego

Perego went to the hairdresser with friends and immediately asked him to show her what he was doing in his car.

One of the boys who claimed to be street artist began to dream of a "holiday" in a car.

A few seconds later, Perego became a victim and was greatly troubled by this guy. He insisted on completing a piece of art that he accused the guy's conductor of fake.

Fifty-two brienza have lost themselves and have begun to fail. "If you do not stop, I'll hit you," complained Pérego, calmly and only his victims. Significantly.

However, for those who want to revisit the jokes in the second half of Sherry, you can do it by accessing the MediasetPlay website and by clicking on the section that has been shifted to this year's release Paolo Bonolis.

Joker, Paolo Perego and Paolo Bonolis will recreate the scene of Andrewt's

Later, the speaker turned to her personal researches and interviewed Paolo Bonolis.

Perugo again apologizes to senator for attacking the famous episode Julio Andreotti In Channel 5, he was interviewed by Peggy. Bonolis and Perego [VIDEO] re-process the scene of the interview and video became a virus on the web and in social media.

Welcome Paola Perego In the past, he made the most successful TV channels, including Buona Domenica and La Thalpa, on Mediaset, a reality game, one of the most popular in the community after the first three publications on TV.

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