Thursday , September 29 2022

"About 201 million young people will be vaccinated by 2019"


Morilio, Grillo's Plan: "In 2019, 500,000 young people should be vaccinated"

Eighty thousand adolescents and young adults need to be vaccinated immediately beetroot i rubella, at least starting from half a million Meetings held in 2019 to achieve common goals until 2021. "Because here – Victoria Demichel, Health Minister Julia Grillo, vaccine advisor, explains in an exclusive interview with Sanità24 that there is a bean catastrophe. And the National Plan for the elimination of the disease in this age group will pay special attention to 2015. The vaccination commitment defines Demichel as a good source for newer breeds, but we recommend prophylaxis for adolescents and adolescents. Otherwise, it will take years to break the chain of infections. The last explosions affected the average 25-year-old population, and last year the northern epidemic forms a 27-year-old population. "

The goal of the Synergistic strategy is to provide young people with a "meeting" with the merger of the anti-infant state. "We are working with a very clear document – defines a democrat – for example, the decision on the proposal of first-year students can be a ministerial board which will allow rectors to activate vaccination and introduce prophylaxis in the university's assessment system." Other emergency plans include coverage among health care providers. "We do not need new laws because tools exist right now," Demichelie says. For example, Marche district has been deployed to nurses, pediatricians and non-vaccinated operators, according to the decision of certain divisions ". In January, Intesa will become a former technical team to develop a new plan to combat measles and rubella, which will bring Stato-Regions Company: Healthcare, regional and scientific communities, and more Demichelli Minister Grolo's expert. © INSURANCE REPRODUCTION

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