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Alice Isaevy, a 60-year-old maniac stalker, is terrified



The last episode was marked on November 6, 2018. Episodes in Rome, Via Ettore Romagnoli's Honorary Rai headquarters The welder's test, The very suspicious package is delivered manually. She was sent to Elijah Isari. Please note that the RAI security guards carry the envelope to a metal detector: the alarm immediately starts and immediately after the inquiry into the intervention of the explosives into the specialized police force. But when the bombs come and open the bag, they find another kind of bomb that can not kill them, but can blow up the nerve. More precisely, the belief in great economic value, which has been signed by the world-renowned Italian stylist, is written with an unquestionable sentence. The sender of the dispatcher, the stalker, is convinced that he is a legal partner of Isaev.

However, the TV presenter, who knew the meaning of this person, never came to visit him and even did not want to see him. Instead, the stalker is placed in front of the place where he meets new surfaces to meet him Welder test. It also succeeded on October 4, 2018 after a real piercing. What is happening below you? people and the newspaper waits Truth March 5, 2018, Maurizio Belpatrro, a member of the Alice's police station in Rome's police station. It was a day before the ring episode. "In Naples, in the shop of Elizabeth Frankie," says the host, "the man told me that he was my partner," he said, "he had to give me a gift."

The man also "used some women's clothing. The clerks took her and gave me my picture. " Therefore, the police could not stop the stalker's fraud. Now agents keep him under pressure. people she identified the person's address and met some of her family members. Because of confidentiality and, above all, we only offer some general reference to avoid the investigation. This man, older than sixty, is a descendant of a large Calabria living in Naples. He is a wealthy person who belongs to a wealthy family and is particularly fond of the Vesuvius, as well as the privacy and behavioral normality. Unfortunately, Black Sheep may be with anyone. In fact, the relatives of the elders refer to all the researchers people they want to encourage their relatives to "care for a psychiatrist." Recently, mollusc has been exposed to very dangerous acts.

However, this is a bad story beginning in 2008, when Alice's "When I Received a Editorial Board" One morning Up to "Sakhsa Rubra" envelopes with letters full of mathematical and astrological equations, and I … (Sent) we started the relationship. " He also adds: "I have always taken the very bouquet of flowers for the same theme, flowers and gifts." For example, "after changing the editorial office, this person has kept me going" and "increasing the frequency of correspondence." Initially, I received personal correspondence and gifts, and I also considered them. " Later, however, he added to Isar, "I was very upset, I was assigned to the editorial staff."

On November 2, a man entered the honorable headquarters in Rome. "Of course, I disassociated my consent," she said, "and we wanted to contact 112 with security guards and editors." "For my safety, the guards let me out of the recycling, one of them was sent home." Then he continued, "I was contacted by the police, and they understood my situation, they were informed of my law faculties and they called me to file a complaint."

So events have become increasingly dangerous for evolution. At the first stage, Stalker was limited to absentee letters, and last week he went to search for physical contact. "After the Last Days," he reaffirms, "I understand that my anxiety has increased dramatically."

It is surprising that there is a lack of cooperation certificates at Elisa Issárdi. More specifically, focusing on violence and violence against women, especially on #metoo movement initiatives. However, in this case, everything is still silent.

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