Saturday , October 16 2021

Android Q: In order to use the smartphone screen of the future, the revolution will come in the near future

All the latest generation smartphones can simultaneously be opened simultaneously Double use allowing it to be stored on the display simultaneously. He was invited Many windows and today's mobile devices, such as mobile devices, to work with two apps simultaneously, without interacting with the other one at the same time. with Android Oreo we also got acquainted with the so-called introduction Picture inside This is evolution, which ensures the continuation of video viewing, for example, in the small window while moving to the classic screen. The future of Android Q will improve this.

However, although the system was very convenient and useful, there were some limitations, such as the possibility of real-time use of two programs, when the highlighted screen was open. However, the next version of Android can be overlooked and the new window mode ensures that programs run simultaneously. Realized implementation it is called Multi-resume There is nothing more than just a MultiStar edition of Samsung Good Luck.

From now on, this new method will need to be merged with a new one Android Q Clearly, Google has decided to explore everything that will allow future smartphones to provide a compact display to ensure maximum flexibility when using them. The online scheme confirms this new mode, where the new Multi-Resume displays all three functions on the display.

Manufacturers should take into account the provision of hardware that can be fed up to three at the same time, but not more than one application. Certainly, we are in the presence of smartphones 6, 8 or even 10 GB of RAM as well as the ability to maximize the power of the chipset, at least on the hardware level, there is really no active system with many windows.

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