Tuesday , January 31 2023

Artisan detox diet / Up to 2 kg per week: cleans the kidneys and liver


Is It Really Adapted to the Artichoke Detox? It is a particularly common plant in central and southern Italy, so the containers of these regions are based on the diversity and nature of the diversity. In Rome, especially for Jewish cuisine, lovers of alu giudaica are very fond of. The appearance of the plant was originally from Sicily, where it was located in Sicily, and was the oldest Roman masters. However, few know that artichoke will give a good detoxication diet and it will lose 2 kg a week for those who control it. In addition to weight loss, it allows deflating the stomach and cleaning the liver. After all, the artichokes are rich in water and fibers that drain the fluids and reactivate the intestine's work.


It's a small amount of calories that reaches 100 grams, which means the possible detoxification of the diet. Artishoke then has a kinnin that lets stop the production of cholesterol and improve blood circulation: good for kidney and gall bladder, light weight and less pain in the abdomen. so what Crude butter in salad with fat and lemon juice; packed as side panels; spices for first and second dishes. You can also prepare a good grass dish with artichoke to drain the liquid and clean the liver, before drinking. Boil the leaves only in half a liter of water. Finally, it wakes up with good centrifuge, crushed oils or oats, with oils and spices, and fatty yogurts with carbohydrates. Great breakfast and healthy body.

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