Friday , June 18 2021

Avengers Project has updated the official site of Crystal Dynamics •

Updating the site of the site's official site Dynamics of crystal and now he reports The Avengers Project, The Company is pleased to announce the completion of its construction with a new name and a newer sheet, as well as a press release Eidos Montréal. Other important details continue in the text:

The Avengers project is designed for players all over the world and will be filled with characters, celebrities, and celebrities who have long admired the franchise fans. The title will have a completely unique story and will introduce the world of enthusiasts to play in the future.

The page related to the release date still shows the overall "TBD" (must be defined, "should be defined"), but unexpected changes to the Crystal Dynamics portfolio, Game Award in 2018. Some hypdesists may also have tweets that are of great interest to the news of recent days to support this hypothesis. So we just wait December 7 the beginning of the famous procedure.

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