Tuesday , January 31 2023

Barbara's full thoughts about the son of Uthos / Sui's Emanu Berardi: "We'll be with our spouses tomorrow"


Emanuel Berardi, great Barbara Urso The 5th channel reflects the audience, the photographer and the video maker became partners to help create an unpleasant joke against her mother and her co-authors. Emanuel suddenly arrives at the Cologne Monzés studio: she should talk with her mom urgently. Urso immediately learned about his son's coming. So, during advertising breaks,On Sunday"She goes to the dressing room to talk to her son. Emanuel pointed out that at this point he rented the Capalbio villa on AirBnb to the photographer; Unfortunately, this situation was unacceptable when the photographer interfered in something. Together with many fake photographs, the boy responds as follows: "I have 8 mortgages to pay," says the conductor. Barbarella does not believe in her son's words, but in the preceding photo she has a real blow! Fortunately, he has shown that he is a victim of cowardice. However, during the humorous humor the attention of the audience was dropped by the little son of the "Mediaaset" host. In fact, in the eyes of a young man in Urso, women's opinions on social networks are not considered. "Excuse me, Barbara D'Ursa's son is so beautiful," wrote Tweeter, and the other, "Do you want to talk about the son of Barbara's son Urs?". (Refresh Emanuel Ambrosio)

Interesting humor

Today, the first episode of the new edition will be a witness Significantly, will face terrifying humor Barbara D & # 39; Urso his son Emanuele. Not a famous showman, but a boy who wants to learn for a long time is very low. In many cases, the speaker actually reminded them of their interest or not. Who is he? Emanuel Berardi, The latest scary joker sings in the chocolate? Barbara's second child, Urso: she was 30 years old and was born in 1988. Like two other siblings, Jr., Jr. chose his parents the other way around. Emanuel is a professional photographer and accountable worldwide.


Emanuel Berardi She lives between Milan and Rome, and her mother, Barbara, needs to be with Ursula. Emanuel loves travel and has been in India, Palestine, Israel and Thailand for many years. During these trips, he has received many beautiful photographs. In 2015, at an exhibition in Milan, Emanuel demonstrated his paintings, and noted his talent. Emanuel spent two years working with Italian naturalized Slovak model, conductor and actress Andrea Leotza. She is one of the first to watch TV on a separate TV, and we have had incredible results. Barbara Urso acknowledged that her son had been unable to watch it on television and given her son's secrecy, and therefore fell for it.

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