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Battiston has abandoned the president of the Italian Space Agency (ASI). "The first crushing system of the research organization with me"


Roberto Baptisto, the Italian Space Agency (ASI), has been released from the presidency. It's about Battiston itself, its profile on Twitter. Marco Bussetti, Minister of Education, Science and Education, said that "amazingly, I was told to immediately withdraw the office of the ASI," a statement reads. "This is the first demolition system of the research organization. Thanks to thousands of people who have spent four fantastic years ". Revocation is based on the Ministry of Education: "Official Examination of the Meeting Procedure". Later on, the Foreign Ministry said that he was appointed Minister of State on 7 May, and then appointed a "trust from the Italian government". Lorenzo Fioramontti, deputy minister of Murez, Muret, commented on Twitter on Twitter: "I learned these news this morning from social networks. The decisions regarding the development and management of the research system in Italy were shared with the Deputy Minister as he has been involved in scientific research for many years. "

Experimental Physics

62-year-old Battista was appointed president of the Italian space agency. Experimental Physics courses at the Trento University, along with other things presented along with the Nobel Prize, were awarded by Samuel C.C. For the first time, the Magnetic Spectrometer (Ams-2) is implemented to accurately measure cosmic rays in space (from 2011 to the International Space Station). Battiston is the president of the Astroparticle Physics Commission and is a member of the new National Infn Center, Tifpa (Trends Foundation for Basic Physics and Trends).

The President of the Battista Space Agency has been dismissed. Miur: "He did not trust the Italians"


According to the decision of MIUR: "He appointed Battiston Secretary Feld on May 7, with the help of the government who lost confidence in the elections on 4 March and acted in a simple administration." "This appointment has never been forbidden and forbidden by the Inter-agency Commission on Aerospace Policy, which has been enacted by the 7th Act of 2018, which came into force in the first week of this year." In another chapter, which draws the attention of the Ministry of Education, compensation is paid by the leaders of Assi and other public research bodies.

Confirmation of the M5S-Lega Government

Battiston was first introduced by Gianni in May 2014. It was confirmed in May 2018 as the head of the Italian space agency before the Conte Government launch. By the decree of the Minister of Education Valeriya Fe'dali has come to the end of the selection process, which began on February 1st. Four years ago, the Batken Space Agency was sworn in, and after the investigation into corruption and bribery against former President Enrico Sggzez, who was under house arrest in 2014, began a scandal.

Honest: "very surprised"

Cancellation of the appointment of Battister "I am very surprised", "The proof of the procedure is correct and timely". Former Minister of Education Agie, Valeria FeDeyli commented on the release of Roberto Battiston, the president of ASI, who was appointed on May 9. "Assignment of the President of ASI – continued FeDale – not only by the foreign ministry, but also by Bossetti and all those who talk about clarity on the roads".

November 6, 2018 (June 6th)


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