Wednesday , May 18 2022

Bebe Vio, a new business: brings Italy to the last victory in teams


ROMA – A new enterprise for Bebe Vio: Paralympic fencing Azzurri has won Italy's World Cup in Tbilisi and returned to an early final in the semi finals with China: In the last match, blue, aged 40-31, suffers two bouts against Bian, The wheel of his wheelbarrow stops and loses happiness. In the second half, Azzuri gained 14 strikes: Italy 45 Chinese 44. The victory in Hungary ended with 45-33 and 18 more Bebe Vio.

BACK – «I Want The Injury Never Failed ". Bebe Vio with his new company, Anna Vioi, has fired 14 semi-final semi-finals with Italy, Italy to the final of the Paralympic Federation to the World Championship and then to the title. «I was calm – he says – then I was cheerful, I looked at the result, and just released it, it was better. Until the end … what kind of beautiful fencing, especially with my team? "

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