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Chinese tomato, the deceased in later guinea pigs. The real risks in the tomato sauce


After the confection of 200 tons of tomato in an alternative warranty, let's go back to the story about the Chinese tomatoes and their derivatives, but their health risks. And I am looking for the truth.

Then what is wrong with the smell of Chinese tomatoes in Italy? Is it false or real? Is Nadia Toffa Signed By The Le Iene Transmission Services a TV Manipulation? This is a good point for self-referential to the question. Rosso's Marcio book tells us what the international research for the tomato finished finished at the young red-moisturist at the Maletti Young Factory is what is imported. Because of the limited number of pesticides and pesticides in Italy, it was precisely a television study that Italy had imported tomato concentrate, which was of poor quality.

Chinese Tomato: Buffalo or Truth?

Detectors have identified only two cases of 18,000 violations in the last five years to be featured in the European tomato attack on the European rapid response system. This is a small number that is questioning any confidence in predictable fraud. About those frauds that skeptics invite you to read the Red Marcio book in the history of the Chinese tomato paste imported to Italy. At this point, they argue that one of them immediately falsifies. The problem is that the author denies the use of labor and the use of kaporoto, but does not say that there are some of the Chinese tomato paste in Italian products.

How to make Chinese tomatoes with an Italian machine

The story of consolidated tomato barrels is too detailed: at the factory large machines turn into tomatoes. Wolves and seeds are removed, tomatoes are heated and chopped. So, "says the author," the water in them will be destroyed by the process of industrial evaporation. " After the water is released, the concentrate is wrapped in a sterile container to facilitate long-distance transport. This step will allow exporting concentrate to Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Upon completion of the production line, the employee places barrels of blue metal in four pallets: they are then transported through the conveyor belt.

Therefore, the worker checks them and fills them. Attach each of them aseptic bags and plastic ring neck rings. Then he cuts the command and looks at the screen. The car comes from Italy. In a few tens of seconds, the 220-liter bag fills the three-dimensional tomato concentrate, immersed in a metal container and adapted to it. Industrial tomatoes contain 5 to 6% dry matter, or 94% or 95% water. As mentioned in the text, the real interest is not to mention the history of the tomato paste box. The book gives the opportunity to distribute capitalism in short-term competitions, reduced by quality, security, the environment, fundamental rights and freedoms.

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