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Corinna and Schumi: Privacy, children, villas and abandoned aircraft

Sconfidentiality peculiarities. The two elements surrounding the Schumacher family – five years surviving the disaster of the December 29, 2013, have radically changed the life of the most beloved and successful driver. On the one hand, Mikhail's wife, Corinna, set out for silence; on the other hand, those who try to spread false or partial truth. It just seems to have been published by the German magazine Bunte In his letter to the author of the song for the German champion Sacha Herchenbach, Corinna writes, "Michael is a fighter and he will not give up, thanking him for his priceless gift."

Individual choice

The letter sent a few years ago is very bad and a standard response to many Shumi fans who sent a message of cooperation. As Sabin Kham, manager of Michael, who is Michael's friend and mentor of the Schumacher family, is not grateful, but thanksgiving. Corinne was silent, although he revolutionized his life and its role, but always did it. A woman who is in the shadow of an absolute star, her favorite and prestigious family. When traveling to the Glen, near Geneva, her husband had to go to a fully-equipped (and expensive) clinic to assist in the business and to engage in entrepreneurial activities (a private plane, a villa in Norway, Maribel's home in France); two children accompaniment.

Horses' centers

Mick was born on March 22, 1999, with a father and father, a regular new, European champion F3, and then a former friend of Sabina and Shumi, Peter Kaiser, and Gina Maria, 21, from February 97, with her mother He is engaged in horse racing, creating a very tight knit pair. This is a true passion for Corinth, leading to the creation and development of two beautiful horse-drawn centers in Givrins, Switzerland, and Gordonville, Texas. Specialty: reconstruction. In particular, evolution of cowboys is characteristic and requires skills. Perfect order for Gina Maria, who won the world title. Also, a person who holds his father's behavior is much more likely than a brother who is sometimes described as a pastime inherited from his mother.

False wolf

Sweet, Corinne. Not just that. Victory. Anyone acting in any way, suddenly fights against the former champion's personal life, using planes in the Glen's residence. After the first incident, his behavior surprised the small group of friends who were on their first amazing trip. Among them are John Todt, Ross Brown, Stefano Domenicali, Luke Buder, Jean Alesi, vital tribunals, subscribers of the closed pact: not the word about their inaccurate friend. Against those who try to convert old letter of grief with difficulty. Because, Shoemer's life is full of false scotch, unfortunately, we do not leave our family true and truly good news.

November 13, 2018 (November 13, 2018).


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