Friday , August 19 2022

Dolce & Gabbana: Shanghai show disappeared. Diplomatic event in China: "He broke us" – Fashion


Several hours after the events, a colossal collision of designers in China triggered a diplomatic attack on the country, and Stefano Gabbana appeared in the Instagram profile. Immediate response: "We've beaten us." However, the Chinese Culture Office will honor the show

1500 people, 500 dresses, something like 120 performers per hour. The event was more diplomatic than the event. Social network holders, influential and later weddings go to a wedding, as it is a diplomatic event with the most important events in the history of Dolce & Gabbana and an Italian fashion in China. Instagram posters were dismissed by designer Stefano Gabbana, and he offended the host country. Designers are accused of racism, but immediately denies the designer and the group's intentions, threatening them with the hackers' intimidation and preventive action. However, it is damaged: the attacking positions in China are turned down, and #BoycottDolce has hindered the processes in the hash, and the authorities intervened to block it.

But when we roll the ribbon and see what happens. During these days, the international press, stars and specialists have moved to China to participate in the 21st annual large-scale EXPO event in Shanghai, and in social media it has become the cradle of all post and video. hashtag #DGTheGreatShow. From the profile of the two designers, we've seen the latest phases of this great work: fashionable clothing, accessories, proofs, Asian models with parachuting for 200 models and admirers.

One hour show – the record is divided into three sections: duet of the most beautiful designers in the world, FUTURE, Millennium fashion, DINA, DNA and China NEW YEAR enjoys a great deal of holidays. As a rule, the two designers have always played fashion coders and still convert Italian clichés (spaghetti, maidan, morina and chile corners) into Iranian prizes for clothing and accessories, as well as making hair-bottle bottles or boxes that help to make the bags. Everyone is decorated with feathers at Dolce & Gabbana sauce, baroque fabrics, most precious stones and gold.

However, in the midst of this celebration, there are three promotional videos showing the Asian model that seeks to feed large Sicilian cannons, spaghetti plates, and pizza puppies. There were the first charges against Gabbana against racism and sex. Stefano Gabbana In the Instagram profile, the stylist likes the country he has adopted, the interview, and the sound of "brown" emigrants and insulting words. Journalists in the hotel, Chinese celebrity actresses such as Chang Zi and Li Binbing or singer Wang Junkai do not want to participate in the fashion show in China Bentley, in order to understand the situation that threatens the explosion after a few hours after the show "polite" the modeling agency and the general chaos.

Stefano Gabbana Instagram profiles and officially in the profile of Dolce & Gabbana There are two messages to clarify the situation: With the designer's profile broken, Stefano Gabbana expressed her affection for the whole country, and the band is preparing to launch a suit against those who suffered greatly. A few hours later, Instagram has always been in another position for designer couples to visit China and Dolce & Gabbana, and thank for the new opportunities, and brand friends and guests have come to Shanghai, but all employees have spent a few months trying to survive these months. for strength and energy.

Designers will be able to play all the things to make fun of social networks. The image damage is, of course, stronger than Instagram profiles of artists attacking comments, screenshots, or prosecution in the world. Thus, Oscar Wilde states: "In the world people are worse than speaking about themselves, and there is only one thing that people do not talk about." We hope Dolce & Gabbana will also be involved.

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