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Estra tries to climb: Unieco, Sei Toscana – Economia is a fight for "safe"

Arezzo, November 14, 2018 – Multiservice companies of the largest companies on one table. There is also Estra. The rest of the people from Irene to Hera, as far as Aceh and Aimag. All in order to get cake or big pieces. Ossìa la Uha, the ecology of the Unieco holding company, the business division of the co-operative colossus, which controls a large amount of service in the Italian half.

Despite the financial crisis of Unieco, the environmental protection team is the most attractive with 140 million turnovers after the disaster has occurred since 7 April 2017. Last Saturday, the date of the Commissioner for the Commissioner of Corruption, Corrado Baldini, was expired.

Twenty people were taken, but some were able to come by mail in the next few hours. Tomorrow they will take part in the meeting. We are still in the early stages as interest is not just about participating, but also when there is no money on the table. More precisely, "We are here". And those who have been sent to the next step can access the Dashboard or the documentation of the holding, and then evaluate the concept of the real and actual proposal.

Then the Ministry of Economic Development will open an invitation to tenders with the experts who set the base price. The goal is to find a new owner until the end of 2019. The game is important for interest and money. However, the competitiveness and competitiveness of competitive competitors. Therefore, many office services were placed on the chessboard.

Irène is in the forefront, and in 2014 she tried to unite two environmental departments, then nuance. The region also controls the low Modena district, from Carpi to Finale Emilia. Then there are Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Force Cesena, Ravenna and Gera who work in Rimini. Acea is competing with concession – the mayor of Virginia Raggii will soon expand to 2031. The A2A does not have any definitions, but it can be initially accessible as a multi-service Brescia.

Finally, he has an interesting candidate in Estrada. Although the carrier was eager to give priority to those who were offering the whole block, it would be interested to identify the energy group – a part of the service belonging to the South Tuscany, owned by Sta con Sei Toscana.

At present Estrada has been interested in collecting one of the most important Toskan subjects in Florence, the waste management company in collaboration with Aliya. This first step could be the launch of a Tuscan Hera-based alliance: multi-service management that can change from strong public control to energy dumping and water supply. However, it is necessary to achieve the goal of acquiring Unieco Holding Ambiente. And most of all Sta.

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