Friday , June 9 2023

Fast diet for 2 kg loss: fish and vegetables


3-day fast diet It eats up to 2 kg of healthy food. The daily menu includes milk, fish, and lots of vegetables and fruits. Here is a three-day diet plan.

Monday: partially absorbed in breakfast (100 g), coffee, sugar and teaspoon. As an alternative to coffee, you can taste tea and barley, a teaspoon of sugar and two sausages. Morning breakfast: kiwi or 125 g of yoghurt without fat. Dinner: Frozen small refrigerated fat (80 g), tomatoes or salad or peas and 40 g bread. Snack: 10 g dark chocolate or tangerine. Dinner: 130 g chicken breast, mixed green salad or pumpkin, made with teaspoons of 40 grams of olive oil plus extra pure olive oil.

Lunch alternatives to ton it can also be welded to 150 g of boiled potatoes, 200 g of roasted peppers and 70 g of crude oil and less salt, ricot. For dinner, you can choose a 50 g raw wafer rather than a vegetable soup and a chicken breast. Tuesday: that morning and Monday mornings. Dinner: 60 g lightly smoked cheese, salad of tomatoes and 40 grams. bread. Daytime Excerpt: 10 gr. black chocolate or orange. Lunch: 140 gr. fish, mixed green salad or pumpkin, with a teaspoon of butter and 40 grams of bread.

Wednesday: breakfast and breakfast on Monday. Dinner: Boiled eggs, tomatoes or salad or taste grains, a teaspoon of olive oil and 40 grams of bread. Mereddin: seasonal or herbal tea. Dinner: 125 gr. Combined with green salad or pumpkin oil, mozzarella light with 40 grams of olive oil. Since we are always on the site's diet, we recommend to a physician or specialist before starting any ration. It is also important to follow a diet based on the type of life, age, and age. This diet is not suitable for diabetes, other illnesses and pregnant women.

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