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Fighting with love with Frencesque Monti Eliya and Giulia-Tvzap


On Monday, November 5, 2018, the eighth channel was broadcasted on Channel 5 Big Brother VIPIn the menu as well as after the disappearance, Elija Fonggaro was invited to come home with some tiny things along with the former tronista, with Julia salem. Maria was killed by Monson

In the episode Big Brother VIP it is customary Ilary Blasi and Alfonso Signorini, often it did not have a shortage of turns: first, the new elimination system that abandoned classics nominations and was not out of the game Maria Monson (Excluding Alessandro Cecchi Paone). Time highlighting however There was a conflict between Elia Fongaro and Francesco MonteThose who have almost no laughter duel, with no winners and losers, will discuss further – and then onlyBeautiful Monte and Julia Salemi finally loved it. But not only was Julia Provédius a crook of Julia Salemi's father, Stefano Sala and Alessandro Chequchio Paona, who was in danger of being killed in an assaulted well. All this is even something else in the air Starts on Monday, November 5, at Canale 5, at 21.25: By the way, during the week it doubled, because on November 8 another one was special GF VIP.


    Born December 28, 1972 in Witworth, England

    Actress, speaker and model. She made her debut as an actress. She was famous for Marchesa Lucrezia Van Necker Beauville in her suit "Elisa di Rivombros".


    He was born on March 18, 1953 in Bergamo

    Singer-singer, singer and artist, one of the main exhibits of this artistic wave, combined with electronic experiments and theatrical performance in the seventies. His great achievement comes with the Italian Graffiati, Zebra with legend with his album, and other old hits.


    PARADE of November 22, 1989

    Conductor and artistic girl who worked on some TV programs. In 2008, she took the fourth place in Miss Italy for news coverage to reject the jury's proposal to lose a few pounds.



    He has participated in many television programs and films including actor and show, Italy and the United States. Laureate of the first edition of "Isola de famosi". Black belt of Karat is a former boxer and former driver of the car.


    Born on October 21, 1953 in Rome

    The actress and director have been successful in the theater and on the big screen for 45 years, from cinema to comedy. He won two David Donatello with "Forget Venice" and "Borotalko".


    November 9, 1978 CHILDREN'S NAPLES

    Showgirl, actress and singer. From the top of the 148 cm he says about himself: "I'm the most delicate subtlety in the world, the explosion is bad." He strives to be an Italian Kylie Minogue.


    Born on March 28, 1990 in Granada (CO)

    This model and its greatest aspiration – to become an actor. She has already "Beauty of Women … a few years later" and made a horrible movie in Los Angeles, "P.O.E. 4 – The Black Cat. She is an "mommy", she works in Sofia, a four-year-old, working daily, with her son, Diane Mello.


    Born April 1, 1993 in Pitakens

    He is a model, a beautiful girl and an impressive man. Participated in several TV shows. In 2016, the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival was burned with two rectangular layers of orange dressing that would reach the height of the acids.



    At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, she won a gold medal in the 66kg judo and is preparing for the 2020 Tokyo 2020 World Cup in front of the Big Brother Red Gate.


    He was born on June 29, 1957 in Rome

    He is one of the most popular Italian comedies he defines as an "amatebrate" comedy and his career split between theater, television programs and films.


    He was born on July 21, 1983 in Bergamo

    She is a chef on specialty. My childhood complained about candy and pots between cooking and cooking toys. After collaborating with the most important names in the restaurant, he comes in the Judiciero Marches' trial "for three years. Become a chef in 2012, and then become popular with the La Prova del Cuoco swearing.


    Born on June 1, 1991 in ARZIGNANO (VI).

    The Striscia la notizia model and former Velina. Her career begins with cats, she continues her education, but her great aspiration is to act as an actor.


    He was born on December 1, 1993 in Modena

    Singers, conductors and showers are very different, but complement each other. They have special relationships and call themselves "independent twin brothers". The winners of the tenth edition of the "Famous Island" are involved in various TV programs.


    Born on May 30, 1972 in Rome

    Actor, musician, singer, radio speaker and TV host. He created his first band in the world of entertainment and created Angony Cage. He made a large screen debut in Mikel Plakido in 1992, and in 1994 MTV became the first Italian MTV. Since 2005, he has been playing in many films, including films for the Police District and for Film. Then she returned to her first love, music, and now works as speaker and daje.


    Born on May 20, 1988 in Taranto, California

    Actor, model and influential person. Former guardian of former competitor "Men and women" and "The famous island". Last year, she became known for the history of love story with Cecilia Rodriguez, who was part of her GF Vip program. And the same GF Vip is now a new point for it.


    He was born on December 15, 1955 in Rome

    TV host. The TV icon of the 90s, Valery TV debuted with Night Nooks and continues with the most popular programs of the moment. Co-Lives: "I'm the only boy, never I've never shared a room with anyone"


    He was born on January 13, 1994 in Sisco-San Giovanni (Mi)

    For several years, Meteo.it has joined the editorial board as a weather forecast driver in Mediaset Networks.


    He was born on December 15, 1951 in ROME

    Television news is known as Aragon's Marquise. He graduated from the Department of Aesthetics, Journalist and Style Teacher. Concerning the experience of the "older brother," he says: "I noticed that man began to be an anthropologist, and I could communicate with the group, with the ability to be with different people… Be prepared for the dream. Life is a Styling Question »

Skip Big Brother VIP 2018, classic nominations

Alfonso has thousands of accusations:Tonight I will break the children more than usual!"He begins, we have been scared of Walter Zenga a few years ago and with Antonio Ricci REC very hot (without mentioning Gialappa). Then he takes half the bomb – the bomb is now senseless, and in the fifth repertoire – for Francesco Monte: he must eventually take the decisive step with Salem, because Hell is waiting for him. After the end of the short rounds, the first "games" of the episode are coming: the plaintiff invites only three participants to be asked for their name. They Fabio Basil, Julia Salemi and Benedetta Mazza and is invited to choose any other competitor, but without the Blasi, he explains them well (and barbatrugo actually gives them a nominal immunity). Three people chose Ela Weber, Maria Monson and Alessandro Cecchi Paone: Clearly, VIPs have chosen the program and then have to change their choices. The Big brother but he wants to launch it and add Blasi – without knowing the competitors – three people never named (which ends with other things) nominations in its turn) they make three more names: These are new names for Fabio, Julia Salemi and Benedetta. nominations.

Big Brother VIP 2018 removed Mary Monson

After all, I'm not the only chaos to repeat, this level is required (and we can not imagine how we can use it instead). Big brother invites you to compare two nominees, English Monsie and acidulo Cecchi Paone. Two stories in the story of Omar and talk with his ex-girlfriend This is not Rai it will immediately begin again with the words of the river (we also understand a bit). «Maria, she is crying a lot. You're naked!"Good Alexander urges this issue to be condensed with a sensitive synthesis sense. The coup was settled quickly, and two candidates were invited to the studio to find a court order. If you want to know if you have to leave home, Chechouch Paonne and Monsiee are openly speaking to their great "enemies" in front of Elijah Fongaro and Marciz Del Secro. Elias listens to a beautiful Iskender, who, like Japanese petroglyphs in Nirvana, smiles and says, "I live with Jane", a seraphysical place. After that, Marchesa appears to be deteriorating rapidly in physical battles with women, but then sees Monson doing the best (of course an infinite explosion) time Markus jumped into the audience and sang Mina's song attacks his opponents and engines in his consciousness, and begins to accept another candidate for decibeling. At the end of the fair, it is possible to say that TV channels leaving the house is a joy to make decisions about Mary and that even the public can not understand much about the riot, riots, and cries of Chechiano Paon. And how can you make sure that news is removed? Obviously, this is a word. Explosion.

Big Brother VIP 2018, Conflict between Francesco Monte and Elia Fongaro

Fortunately, but not Big brother Monson's unstoppable speech is interrupted emotionally by good Walter Nordo, who likes a video call with children. Rocky but sensitive actor is totally annoying during the interview (but this is not even the case). The first surviving Alexander sculptured Walter's wet and sharp brush and returned home. An unexpected return of Elijah, Francesca, called for the purge of Montes with one of the flash comparisons Big brother he learned it.

Tarantino confronted Jane Alexander, "heated" and then remained in the living room, waiting for the former guardian, with whom the oral verbal duel begins.Do you think you saved me?"Said Elia Clint, with the eyes of Eastwood, ready to capture the dollar's trilogy. «I really did not think about it"It passes through any random passage and responds with the tender gentleman who interviewed the former Pugliese tronista TG. The two men, who are not talking about the pipe, are the following: Monte condemns Elijah, who is accused of racism, and on the other hand, he talks about love among women. Frencezko said that he was "inexplicable." Among the various reports, Alfonso Sigorini, who asks Monteen: "Francesca, but if you say, if your wife is at the table, then you refer to Julia … Do you think she is your wife?" but Elijah answers: "It is not visible to us!"to tell each one what to thinkinfluencing former participant Beijing Express.

After leaving, Elia knows where other competitors are made and then greets Jane through the closed door of the cave (And you do not want to see a romantic gesture? The authors do not hear us and the door does not close: no scenes have an adverse effect on the heart, and Ilaria is disappointing).

Big Brother VIP 2018,

It's time to find out which of these categories is dangerous: at the beginning, three Chelsea men, chosen by Fabio, Benedetta, and Julia Salemi, are invited to open the names they chose at the beginning of the episode. Three of the following: Ela Weber, Jane Alexander and Alessandro Cecchi Paone and they know that they will have immunity (but in turn, you have to select three people to vote together with the people they designate). Be sure to find out who will be the six people in the bulletin (then the three finals that come in.) nominations) Donatella plays with each other when he complains to Martin Hamdi and Ivan Cageine: four have to take some shapes and place them with a hugged pedestrian brush (the smallest version of the classic game for kids) is just a little). To make the situation more angle, the light goes out, and therefore the actors who do not see anyone in the game and who enter the hall are entering the room of the zombie that made Homecoming / All Souls fearful of the night. Fear of horror and terror between a small gentleman (which also throws some of Julia's thrown into a bathtub filled with balloons). but Ivan and Martina Stravinconno. Show sunny and Guitar Julia Salemi and Francesco Monte are guided by another episode of a serial novel that has been written about their (or supposed) love.

Big Brother VIP 2018,

"I'm not the same person lost and I always think I think I think, "says Salemi, who in a romantic sense speaks openly of interest to a beautiful mountain. Sinorini tries to move two dances to two dances, first to beautiful Julia, to dazzle Francesca and to frighten his relationship with the Service ("If you do not like it, stop these scratches and be up!" who). "It's a big mistake, and here we can not see the situation," says Loris Del Santo's delicate speeches: Julia Salemi and Francesco Monte loved it. However, after a quick revelation, it starts because it begins freezing i Giulia's father, Mario Salemi, enters the house. However, the emotional stress instantly decreases as the good Sigorini, who forgot to turn off the microphone, smiled and said, "Yes, that's what I think!" In fact, Mr. Salemi, Alfonso does not even act on his own.

The situation, however, has a negative impact on life, and Mario speaks to his child: "Never miss, find the energy that diverts you. I'm proud of you, always! No doubt, feel free to think of the way you think. You are very strong. Today, your sister Margerita is 9 months away and she looks at you from home. " The streams flow, and everything moves, Julia is blasting, hugs her father, and not only gives her. But you have to continue playing, and Elah, Alessandro and Jane have to have each horse, and these new contenders have three people never before mentioned: three of these six people (and three couples) on TV. In any case, they were sent to Fabio, Julia Salemi and Benedetta, respectively: Ivan, Martina and Walter.

Big Brother VIP 2018,

In addition, the transformation continues and Stefano Sala lives on her emotional point of view, and in her main room, her daughter, Sofia (called Bubi), is waiting for her and her mother's picture. It sounds like a grape vine, but the decision of the triangle of the Ukrainian Dasha, a Benedetta Mazza and an official friend, is still a long way off, and the tears are fussed that a beautiful room girl becomes a cascade of emotions. And then, when you talk about sexuality with Walter Nude, you'll be taking abstinence for a year now (Ivan Kateinho in the fire, Naked warned and saved half), then we welcome Maria Mona to go out in the evening, but her luck will immediately disappear in the storm's waves, and she will release Marchesa again and again. Alessandro Cheche Picasso's emotional turmoil in the GF has come to the forefront of it, but it has little time to think about it because there are three couples on the table for those who are endangering it: Ivan / Fabio, Walter / Benedetta and Julia C . / Marina. The evening's magnet (Andrea, Lori, Stefano, Francesco and Donatella) should show that all the competitors want to eliminate: both go to vote. Martin and Julia Salemi can not vote for anyone Вальтер, Бенедетта, Иван және Фабионың барлығына қарсы дауыстап сөйлегені. Бейсенбіге келетін жауаптардың күтілуде, қоршау құлап түсіп, Илари, пятки жойылады, кетеді.

Big Brother Vip 2018, барлық эпизодтар

Бірінші эпизод: ұрпақаралық қақтығыс

Екінші эпизод: Лори Дел Санто үйге кіреді

Үшінші эпизод: Валерия Мероладан тыс, Маурицио Баттиста қалады

Төртінші эпизод: Кристиано Мальгиоглионың қайтарылуы және Сильвия Провведінің кешігуі

Бесінші эпизод: Элеонора Гиоргидің сыртында, Лори Дел Санто құпияда

Алтыншы эпизод: Корона үйге кіріп, Ilary Blasi-мен келіседі

Жетінші эпизод: Элиа Фонгаро, Френческо Монте туралы әзіл

Big Brother Vip 2018, түсініктеме

Бірінші эпизод: бір, екі, үш. Баптистер бар

Екінші эпизод: метеор және кратер

Үшінші эпизод: дымқыл аймақ

Төртінші эпизод: Барлығы жақсы өтті, Мадам Ла Марчеса

Бесінші эпизод: баркароло …

Алтыншы эпизод: cathiottare #metoo

Жетінші эпизод: орбитаның баррелі

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