Saturday , January 28 2023

Former champion Marianne Pepe died. The investigation is open


A week ago, he was in the Prague Unity army form – he was ready to celebrate the National Unity Day and the Day of the Armed Forces, as well as the centenary of the Great Patriotic War. Thursday In Munich, Pabe Marianne Pepe, 39 years old, Trieste, Italian 5 times Italian champion, between 2000 and 2004, were found drummer specialties. She was 5 years old. Case Moghzia is trying to clarify the police station. The prosecutor in Trieste conducted an investigation. However, the psycho-pharmacy cocktail is dead.

In the past, incredible career but difficult personal life also suffered from depression. Many of her former companions describe her as a violent person, and Marianne has also become the Past, the Trieste anti-violence center.

Marianne began his career at Opicina (Trieste) training ground and then entered the army sports team. Among his achievements he won the eighth place at the European Championship in 2008.

Facebook's Special Forces are "honored" with a post on November 5 after the parade.

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