Wednesday , May 18 2022

Gas meter, Hyenas serious fraud detection. And the growth rate for all people in the near future


The gas sensor works even when they are operating or is turned off. Or they calculate high costs even when they go. And this situation, of course, leads to the consumer situation in the consumer community.

First, even if the gas meter does not appear, it is necessary to check whether the consumption is computed. All households that have recently replaced the gas meter are likely to participate in the latest gas injection. Make sure the user has turned off to see if there is a normal consumption that forces you to pay for the wrong payment, and that the amount of cubic meter of gas is rising. You do not need to call a special technician, as it is enough to stop the gas by turning the yellow handle, enter the green button on the display, wait twenty minutes and check the displayed numbers.

Gas measuring torch

A public demonstration was held on the predicted gas spree and, according to a TV broadcast, some samples of new digital meters installed an additional cubic meter, even though the gas was closed. The unused consumption period does not exceed 15 euros per month. A month after month and year after year. As the interviewed gas technician notes, managing companies (or at least for them) know the problem of installing a new meter, but does nothing to inform consumers and, first of all, solve the problem. The number of participants is likely to be lost, but can not be replaced if the counter is more than 15 years old.

What should be done if there is an abnormality in consumption? There are several ways in which you can report to a gas distributor or report to a community that protects consumers. Keep in mind that codes do not necessarily have to replace the gas substitutes, but only some models. The third method is to report to the company manager the same television as the email address for writing, giving the customer an explanation when determining gas consumption fluctuations.

Also, the rise in prices leads to many strong bills

What do you say about it? predictable fraud we can do without it, which will be reflected in the announcement of the rise in value since the next month. President of the Energy Department, Stefano Besseinii, who was recently heard in the Parliament. Upon termination of the tariff check, it confirms that the time has elapsed or that users have paid for a price increase of the last six months. Because there is a steady growth trend must be stored.

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