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Generali, to grow 3-4 billion. Donnet ad Affari: "I want to change Leon"


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Andrea Dugoni
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"It is planned according to plan increase and it is developing: we will be in 2021 the most diversified groupjust not insurance, at the same time asset Management, more international and a business it will be much more dangerous than before. The Ceo band any Assicurazioni Generali Philip Donnett describes it as follows The The company is a physiognomy that ends at the end of the business plan for 2019-2021, Leone 's CEO, his second entry into the market strategy (which was for the first time ever in London on November 26, 2016, when he confirmed the goals of his predecessor) Mario Greco), there is was presented today in Milan concerningInvestor's Day.

BTP and CASE ITALY/ Italian markets will be returned to blame investors, What are the general steps? entered the country creation of new strategies? year first place, Donnett explained Growth of Italian GDP compared to market prices"So we can guarantee target in the implementation of the plan. Anyway control Btp, the company's head reported on the plan of Trieste will continue to reduce the weight of government bonds bonds business, however, unless otherwise noted trends it also deals with Italian government securities, when Lion, including its subsidiary Banca Generali, appears on the balance sheet. 64 billion euros.

Growth of the Donnet to the General is based average annual income from 6 to 8%, about 55-65 percent of the dividend income and equity capital (ROE) out of limits11.5%. On the front debt the insurance company strives for the same purpose By the year 2021, 1.5-2 billion. euro reductionwith one From 70 to 140 million percent expense and with one At the end of the plan, capital will amount to 10.5 billion tenge. Resources will appear cash management and exit. Fight against all this About 200 million damage Developed markets until 2021.

Del money Everyone explained one of the numbers of Lvya, "5.5 billion dividends are distributed to shareholders, 1.5-2 billion instead deleveraging the rest of the group, 3-4 billionwhich will be used for it increase both of them organic Both have the capabilities for mergers and acquisitions"Operational plan is planned three columns. The first: A Focus about maintenance Leadership On growth in high potential markets and asset management in Europe. The seconds: optimization of capital management cash payments to the holding company (+ 35%). The third: digital conversion, distribution and operation in terms of customer relationships. Generals' retaining support one billion investment, as well as being life partner (maximum flexibility through modular products, coverage support H24 7 days a week and 360 degrees tips).

Move Focus about geographical location, will be optimized after the last two years, Donnet is committed to strengthening European leadership (In 2018 63 billion collected from the network, and more 150,000 agents and sellers mainly in the market) Italy, France, Germany and Spain and attention potential potential insurance market (15% -25%, combined annual rate of return for 2018-21) Asia i Latin America. Markets remain in Lions retail and Pmi customers.

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year Italy, the agents of the generals will have to increase them productivity The 10-15% (Until 2021)protection, prevention and technology support"And it is necessary to collect the growth possibilities health sector and corporate well-being, which works with a subsidiary Welion just a year ago. About Strengthening the Strategy business services, Donnett explained that "there is another Italian and German markets, which has the most powerful SMEs in the world: there are many opportunities for growth, for example in the sector social security In Italy.

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Individual contributions to average annual growth rates are from 6 to 8%

Always industrial approach, General Director it also considers it purposeful autonomous driving possibilities. "A car with a car driver," he explained, "in the next few years, there will be mobility management that can be profound and profound changes in business. We are Europe's motorized technicians, we have 2 million cars. "

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Ceo General Insurance Group Philip Donnett

EspeciallyLatin America, The purpose of the General The number of customers is twice as hightoday is 5.8 million people In the year 2021, a total of 11.8 mln. In particular, Brazil, León seeks to boost productivity with companies and products specifically for the retail market as a whole ArgentinaAfter the successful sample La Caja, with new partners to expand to other segments.

RelatedAsiaInstead, it is a goal Increase agents by 80%came 23 thousand shares In 2021 Increase productivity by 50%.

Difficulties with ALLIANZ and AXA/ "New aggressive plan faster than rivals". It is for writing Financial Times Determines a new strategic plan drawn up by the Donnet. The plan is to "increase 6-8% of the earnings per share over the next three years," and this is "better than the generals' growth in recent years." "But this is far above the goals that other European insurance groups have pointed out – AXA Promising growth of 3% -7% Allianz Even at 5%, both markets are expected to upgrade in the coming weeks, "Fort.

The market is also trying to understand where it is used for organic and organic growth of 3-4 billionM & A, "Acquired Donnet" – is not included in the planand are not calculated for financial purposes) because they can not be planned. " If the general manager is not implemented Frédéric de Courtois he explained to the company that it would be possible to allocate resources buy back shares.

Currently the table does not contain any specific files ("Priority European market, insurance, medium and smallneither in life, nor in life, and so onasset Management, first of all business for retail, "he explained de Couture), but after the launch of the launch strategy in 2017asset Management487 billion euros asset, an important part of resources will be channeled to someone else's development global platform for accelerating management (15% -20% annual growth rate of 2018-21 years).

Long-term ambition is to enter first five More boutiques for the benefit of the world. According to Genali, target Net income from global asset management in 2017 will range from 187 to 2021 at $ 400 million. doubled in euro, the operating margin will grow from 42% to 45% in 2017. At the same time, the share of net income from external customers, driver It is expected that the overall striving of the general to scale up the market will increase from 6% in 2017 to 35% compared to the planned period.

Recommended at the front of the call stock exchange Leo's new strategy, whose objectives exceeded the expectations of financial analysts Equita Sim, Immediately supported the action, raised it to more than 2%. After the turnover Generali's shares have dropped from 0.7% to 14.26%.

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