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Health – A Vaccine Vaccine Initiated: 60,000 Doses of the Province – Breaking News


HEALTH – 60,000 vaccines, including 1,500 for healthcare workers assisting in administrative and office activities. On Thursday all Alessandria province, simultaneously with the area, influenza vaccine campaign, For "critical" purposes: vaccination 65% and 40% of health care workers are 75%.

Vaccines, as in recent years, will be available True health areas and family physicians and pediatricians. There is also a network of drugstores that send vaccine doses to the drugs.
Last year the oblast coverage reached 50% of elderly people and about 20% of health care workers. "This year's goal is huge and this is a very important campaign," she explains General Manager Antonio Brumbilla (pictured left).

They are not just There are many vaccines. Will much more "powerful": "It's four vaccines that cover four viruses," he says Jacomo BuzzonResponsible for Alexandria vaccination.
This campaign seems unprecedented chief doctors involved as well as pediatricians "to set a good example." "Vaccination and vaccination," he says Silvio Rolda President Sima, Italian General Medical Society – is our ethical mission, as well as a public safety issue. "
That is the same opinion George Comazzi, Pediatrician: "We should encourage vaccination not only for older people, but also for children under two years". A good example is that physicians and operators participating in the press conference to participate in the campaign were "alive" in the offices of the ASL Office (director Brambyllla).

Antonio Galiano (in the picture on the right) it shows how vaccination of operators it meets all three needs: health of workers, protection of healthcare providers, providing primary services. In fact, last year, a dissertation was issued to access urgent services according to the flu season.

This front needs new help Agreement between ASL and the region for the establishment of clinics for emergency departments of hospitals for codes also. "Alessandria ASL, Aso, is ready with the hospital," says Brambilla. "We look forward to announcing a tender for the region, helping to organize and provide services where clinics will be open." The cost of the service will be covered by the local health authorities.

In addition, the vaccination campaign, in fact. ASL considers how vaccines are free for people over 65, as well as people with chronic or chronic illnesses. Flu is acute respiratory illness associated with influenza virus infection, which is apparently visible at 38 ° C, throat, cough, abundant nose secretion. It is a seasonal illness, which is still a health problem, which is still a health hazard and a risk to people's health.

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