Saturday , January 28 2023

Honey: anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory


The honey These children and adults are good food. It's very tasty sweet and contains various sugars such as glucose and fructose, their calories are genuine and natural.

Honey can spoon mental energy i physical it is necessary to resist the gray and cold winter days. This is especially beneficial for people who are affected by climate change or seasonal influences and suffer from depression.

Helps restore honey and mind and cognitive effect. It may be Allies to one healthy and balanced diet if used in moderation. It can be a sweetener for coffee sugar, chamomile, tea and herbal tea. You can add this cereal and yogurt to a genuine and nutritious breakfast. For lunch or dinner, we recommend combining with cheese to get the taste.

Considered a natural medicine, honey more useful and healing properties for our health.

Here are the main advantages of the ball:

Cough Control: honey can be considered as a substitute for conventional cough syrup. Before going to bed at night, it is possible to get a teaspoon as if it were a real medicine;

Natural antioxidant: especially rich in polyphenols (a group of organic compounds of the plant origin), honey helps prevent the disease of the organism. It is also valuable for aging because it slows the cell aging process;

An effective antibiotic: Honey can be used to treat small abrasives and / or burns;

Anti-inflammatory properties: Useful for insect bites that facilitate redness and / or scab caused by insect skin;

Soothing and anti-stress properties: Among the peculiarities of the honey is the "natural relaxation". It is useful in stressful periods characterized by anxiety and insomnia. It is recommended to remove the teaspoon before lying down.

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