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If this "X Factor 12" does not have a lot of enthusiasm


Ten minutes before the start of the live broadcast, now in the third version of Sky Foro there are four arbitrators Factor X 12 they had already fallen into the chair and their eyes were too heavy and hard to burn. They were not interested in this year Mara Maioni, Freds, Lodo and Manuel Anelli. Well, on the one hand, it is undeniable: this edition is growing in the shadow of the "scandal" Asia Silver and replacing it will be replaced by "no" and "noisy".


Asia Argento: "X Factor? It was the biggest injustice. Lodo? I'm so sorry for her "

But one of the Asian history is not aliby for a bout. If the show (still) is not captured, it may not be the "loser", but it will remain. Particularly in the calculator, this year will not be energy, enthusiasm, and little suffering. Mara Maoni reads too much and laughs little (sour). Anelli is less refreshing, Fesce is present and does not. Initially, this problem appeared to have been seen by Lodo and his "loggia", but the child soon learned to stay, but it did not improve the rhythm of the show. It's a pity that because of the lack of elements and resources: boys are good, in some cases good, fun choreography, competent judges. They have good love for Guenzi, so now they have to regain good, good and evil, away from the scenario they love.


"X Factor 12": There is no Asian Argento, it is (already) sos groups

This third live – the performances that explain each other in the gallery above – Finally, we remember a small diatrude Emanuel Bertelly (those who came to the ballot, Tilt lost) and, most importantly, rapper Anastasia, According to Manuel, should re-adapt capacities and more than its style. At 11.18, when he flies between Manuel and Mara (for example, "What do you believe, we do as we want"), and then ends with the phrase "I love you". A real discussion between Fede and Anelli StraFactor. And you do not understand why. Comment on the gallery for the guys above


«X Factor 12», Red Bricks Foundation: «We are not like Manezkin»


"X Factor 12": Marco Anastassia, a miracle rap

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