Wednesday , March 29 2023

Meloni Littzetto and Richard Gereg: "Buonisti Capalbio and Yachts Speak"


Georgia Melloni attacking left-wing VIPs who are doing good for migrants. Then they enjoy their vacation. President of Brothers Italy writes two posts on his Facebook page. In the latter days Lusiana was the first against Littlettto: "Take them down. We are all open arms. " "But who is" all "? "wrote Giorgio Meloni – Italians demand protection of our borders and stopping illegal immigration. The pleasant cries of the Italian radical chick continue: but is it the days of Capalbio beaches affecting it? ". The main character of the second post – Richard Gere, who last week got on the "Open Weapon" ship. "After his hard work, when he saw mobility in open firearms," ​​said Fratelli, Italian President, publishing an actor on a motorboat on the Giglio Island, "where Richard Gere is a well-deserved rest on a sophisticated boat. But are these false philanthropists willing to give lessons to Italy? "He asked.

Commentary on Georgia's Meloni records

Vitrious reviews against Luciana Littizzetto. The user writes: "Why do not you pass them at home? It can help half of Africa, thanks to taxpayers, to all of Ryan's money. " Another user added: "Dear Lady Lititzetto, I was sure that you were involved in this situation to say that you were not happy with the situation of migrants. I agree with you that it is not pleasant to expect such people, they are often very hopeless, so it will take several days at sea. It seems that children and adults with physical disabilities have reached the ground and have been helping them out. Unfortunately, she did not hear zero from Bibbian's action, where there was a real kidnapping of children who did not have any help. There are children and families who are suffering for years, and it is dumb. Call us to rest, it will look good to you! ". The same destiny is for Richard Gerge. Caustic Marco: «He did this to remind him that he was still there: informally, without speaking to the gentleman. " Another mockery is, "Here is a worthy rest." Hard Stefano: "When Italy becomes a ridiculous country, all people in the world think they have the right to come up with drama of all kinds. Take us a little and then go on to your business, try the sweet Carola. There is no laugh when Materella gives you 5-star PD government. I just hooked it up to write it down. "

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