Monday , January 30 2023

Milan, Gattoos: "It is artificially created from another planet. Iguain should like it "


MILAN – It is not possible to call Juventus the worst in terms of hospitality, but the morbidity in Rossoner is still high. Gennaro Gattuzo does not want to hear about alibs coming from many injuries: "We are not looking for a pocket, because they are not anywhere. There are not many players, but we can still get the best exercises, even if there are people who will still need to recover today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, we were slightly injured, and even in Musacchio we were defeated, but we are moving forward. Everyone tears their teeth. We are inertia, but we want to play it and to love it intellectually. If they are much stronger than we are, we are proud of them. We have nothing to lose, but they are important points. "

ELOGI ALLA JUVE – Rossonero coach is not proud of the opponents: « Juventus this is from another planet. It is full of all championships, each section is very strong, everything is good. Manchester had to play a maximum of points to score, and from bacho to bianconeri is the highest in Europe. They do not feel sweat, and Ronaldo adds mentality and strength. However, we play with our heads, because we have something more than that, but in football everything is possible. " To Allegri too: "Maxim was my trainer, he is a friend and we always talk to each other. He made those commendable words for friendship that ties us. Saki is a teacher, and we often talk and she tells me right, and I know that many things need to be improved. Congratulations on what they like. Discussions with Allergrie and Leonard helped me to accomplish this work, and you do not understand when you are on the other side. This experience helped me to deal with many problems. "

HIGUAIN RACE – All lighting is the first Iguaina: «When I was in Seville I worked in Milano, and I did not see it anymore. I advise you to feel comfortable playing it because it moves easily. He must be careful, he is a great champion and he should enjoy it even though it is not the best. The only person who can do it is to struggle with the whole team. Ronaldo? I never gave him extraordinary attention, he was an absolute champion, I had to set it up, I had to feel myself, and I always apologized when I did some follies. Today, it has a lot more mature, fewer but end-to-end scooters and superb muscles. I have always respected her, and now she is much better than she is. "

MARKET – In January Milan which, of course, is moving in the market: "If I love Benathiah? I like it all, Rugani, Chilielini, Bončci. Juve has 5 power stations. You have to ask Leonardo. The company does something, but I would know something in the summer. But it is true that those who make the market can work very well, and I think about training the team. "

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