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Pasta diet is designed to lose weight without eating or flavoring



Drink little at all. This is a recurring mantra. The confirmation of its validity is a very large study conducted in 189 countries for 52 years (from 1961 to 2013). Researchers have described the habits of different countries, and their tendency to consume different foods, much less or less. Comparing this option with the overall life expectancy and average life expectancy, they have shown that there is a direct correlation between the increased variety and the average life expectancy in the chart. socio-economic conditions of different countries. Causes: Changes in diet will result in a large number of micronutrients such as calcium, manege, iron, zinc, copper, vitamin B and C, and large monotonically due to increased glycemic load.

SAccording to recent university research, anti-inflammatory diet is a stronger partner of our health, as it helps to prolong life and stay young, which reduces the risk of early death by up to 18%.

My study was conducted in Sweden and involved 68,273 men and women aged 45 and 83 years. Cancer has seen a diet and an anti-inflammatory diet, measuring the total risk of death by 18%, cardiovascular disease – by 20%, and cancer – by 13%.

This conclusion is very interesting: inflammation is one of the most damaging of our time thanks to the "excessive" defense reaction to the body's dangerous substances. At the beginning of this process, several molecules are concentrated, our body produced, we have a purpose of protection. However, recurring stimulus causes excessive reactions, which is not necessary it is responsible for the state chronic inflammatory tissue Over time, it is the basis of many chronic-degenerative diseases, such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer. These inflammatory molecules are based on a variety of stimuli, but largely because of a misdiagnosed diet, the main problem of our society today is meat, cheese, snacks, fried dishes, simple sugar, butter, sweets, sugar drinks, refined flour. Our goal is to reduce these inflammatory molecules in our body. But remember: there is no great food because there is no absolute nutrition food.

We can make a real miracle by selecting healthy dishes and choosing them properly. In addition to our natural health, this article sets out the basic rules for making nutrients important nutrients., Simultaneously looking for pleasure in the food (simultaneously). The diet we talk about can be a real elixir of longevity, which will help you to live a healthy, healthy life, significantly reduces the risk of developing a serious risk of disease.

Future doctors do not expect medicines to help their patients learn to treat their own body with diarrhea. " It was written by Thomas Edison in 1903. Unfortunately, this unrealistic forecast is, unfortunately, but it has a great deal of intuition and scientific truth: Today, with proper nutrition, we know that many of the rich, even the most severe and chronic diseases can be avoided and saved, and the quality of life choices and how it can affect the life span.

Recently published in the British Food Journal, Epidemiology and Prevention Department of the Mediterranean Neurological Institute of Pozzilli (Neuromed). Over 25,000 Moldovan citizens participated in the study for 8 years. The results are long-lived by people who adhere to the Mediterranean diet (based on vegetables, luxury, whole grains, fish, extra pure olive oil, and less meat). If you think you're wrong at some point in the game, you're wrong. The study also found that more than 65 (5 per cent of the sample) of cereals, fruits and vegetables, additional cleansed olive oil, fish and vegetables can be dropped by 25 percent in diet canoes.

If today's doctors (unfortunately) pay more attention to diet than medicines, we have a basic tool for good and longevity: to make the right choice, to bring the right dishes on the table.

Calories burned

This difference is also the number of food we use. B confirms epidemiological data. «

The longest-living people are in the blue zones (hundreds of hundreds of people around the world: Japan's Okinawa, Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, island of Ilaria in Greece, Lorne Linda, California and Sardinia). There are many advantages: first, the weight loss (the cause of life-threatening illnesses), and second, the cellular repair mechanisms in the hypothalamus. Deposit restriction – reduction of daily calorie up to 30 percent, eg from 2000 to 1400. Hello, it can work half-way: I can not eat protein fruits, cereals and derivatives, pulses, milk, cheese, meat, eggs and fish. Only polyphenols with vegetables, oils, herbs and spices, lemon), water, tea and coffee.

It takes just seven daysChanging the style of food – a goal that is gradually reaching for you to follow a new lifestyle (you will see) brings you great satisfaction. The first advantage, the largest, is invisible: the inflammation is reduced, the calm killer adapted to many diseases.

Stopping inflammation involves keeping diabetes and cardiovascular disease, keeping young cells alive from the brain to the immune system. However, you will notice changes after the first seven days of your new diet: you feel light and full of energy because you can cleanse the gastric and metabolic toxins, cause swelling, and dry other vital mechanisms for our body.

Many people consider it a real enemy for our network, but it does not matter: macaroni helps to lose weight. Find out how a low-calorie diet works. For many years, our physical shape has been marked as an enemy macaroni this is the first food that we normally ban at our table when we decide to use a diet. And if you tell us the paste will help you lose weight? It is not a joke, and it is impossible to say that this is one of the most developed dietologist Pietro Migličcio hypokaloric diet it is based on consumption of macaroni. How does this work.

Properties of macaroni
Pasta is often the same as those who are careful about their own line of things our body benefits and it should never be completely eliminated from the diet. It is rich in carbohydrates, but it does not come complex carbohydrates they do not penetrate quickly into the circle but slowly absorb the feeling of hunger. Pasta it prevents sharp and sudden glycemic peaks and does not contain cholesterol, which can focus on the pituitary diet, as well as the spices. It acts as an antidote to stress, because it releases serotonin, which is well known as good humor hormone and is a substance that promotes the production of calcium malnutrition in the diet.

How does the diet work?
Provides perception of pasta ration 1100 calories a day. Depending on the weight, you should lose 1-2 kg a week, and it would be better not to extend it for more than two weeks. Professor Migliaccio is based on diet full diet all necessary and healthful nutrients in the body. Do not miss sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and fats in order to be suitable for vegetables. Common issues will be considered 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two classic dishes, morning and afternoon.

Daily plate of macaroni
Provides a diet reception pasta per dayGet rid of excess oils with light sauces. Pasta, if it is good, can be eaten in lunch and use a whole or five cereals. In the evening, you need to consume protein foods like meat, fish and corn cheese.

Macaroni does not make you fat, it is important in all controlled diet regimens and helps control blood glucose in diabetic patients. Many people who want to lose weight find it necessary to abandon their first pasta and bread. But this is not the difference between the dose. The most effective absorption diet is not the fastest, but with the low energy density that allows you to enter saturated foods, and therefore not only fruits and vegetables, but also good food, macaroni and vegetarian sauces.

80 grams of fresh tomatoes, oil from tablespoons, better additionally thin olive oil and 2 teaspoons of Parmesan cheese is 420 kilocalories of wheat pasta (about 400). Therefore, we give you a hypolipid food, and then give a good attention to a balanced diet (of course if you do not abuse spices) will provide a fair amount of white protein. In fact, the relationship between plant and animal proteins is from 2 to 1. For example, macaroni and peas, macaroni and bread tastes, macaroni and lentils should be re-evaluated.

Most importantly, the low calorie regime is essential to prevent weakness, anatomy, and sorrow: all feelings are the direct result of the limited consumption of high-quality carbohydrates such as all starch and cereals. Macaroni gives good moods, eliminates fatigue, and / or defeats muscle efficacy and improves the quality of life. That is why.

It is the main cuisine of the Mediterranean diet, a long-lived elixir and a set of nutrition habits that work as a cure for cancer and an oncologic disease. Looking at the food pyramid, we see that the main heroes of cereals are macaroni, mostly vegetables and fruits. In a healthy and balanced diet, at least 55 percent of total calories should come from carbohydrates, especially when it is sophisticated. According to the correct Italian diet, 80 grams of dry macaroni, up to eight portions of soft egg per week. An adult is normally required to glucose 180 grams per day (the final product of starch digestion) to meet the energy needs (100-120 grams only for the nervous system) and our body can not collect large deposits and therefore should be delivered on a daily basis.

Because carbohydrates are important fuel, and even for our muscles, athletes use them to improve their performance. And macaroni is a guarantee of good and long lasting saturation as well as effective preventive and control of diabetes, especially due to the reduction of glycemic index. Not only that, it also includes a fair amount of mineral salts, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and some B-drugs, especially for people who need good blood pressure.

Then it is said that the mood is good, because it contains tryptophan, amino acids, because our body is capable of producing serotonin, neurotransmitters that are not depressive syndromes. Finally, the dough function combines useful fibers to regulate intestinal function and control cholesterol and glycemia. Broccoli, eggplants, jugs, tomatoes and basil, ligurian pesto or aromatic herbs, turn into balanced food.

In the last decades, the vacuum usage in the industry has been intensely evolved by the use of expanded quantities and types. Every day we use the facilities produced in this resource: glass bottles, various plastic and expanded materials, brick, tile and food products, among which are macaroni.

Wheat pasta macaroni is one of the most popular Italian products in the world. The simplicity of the product, consisting of only two natural ingredients, that is cereals and water, forms the basis of the Mediterranean diet. Industrial wheat is produced by the extruding and drying line produced in Italy, which provides high resistance to the production of cereal paste and bright yellow color from the raw materials.

Each production line has a self-propelled machine, including a computerized system for the preparation of macaroni forms to optimize the dough, the wheat powder extract is mixed with water in proportion.

After about 20 minutes of processing, the dough will be replaced by a small amount of so-called "vacuum". Starting from this, the dough will be continued by the action of the spiral screw that pushes the dough into the measuring tool (different for different sizes), which cuts the knife to the desired length. Teflon or bronze meter is used to get a paste paste, a favorite place for gourmans because it can preserve the bowl.

Vacuuming in the detergent machine allows to reduce the dampness of the dough in this phase. To prevent paste collection, it is dried immediately on the top layer after a few minutes of hot air flow. After pre-drying for an hour, the actual drying can take up to several hours (3 or more) to reach 12% of the final moisture content. All drying processes are carried out at 90 ° C. At the end of the dough, it is cooled at room temperature for 5 minutes to prevent condensation. Automated production lines eliminate any person's contact during the whole process that guarantees the quality of the finished product. It should be noted that, apart from two basic elements, water and cereals are the only elements that contribute to the reconstruction process – relaxation. Its main task is to produce air in the mixture.

In the case of insufficient vacuum, the paste is transferred to the eye with various "white dots" visible only after the drying, which is the source of porosity. The porous paste is unstable when cooking, so it reaches the concept of "macaroni and dente". Moreover, besides oxidation of the product, it is possible to remove air which removes oxygen, which is resistant to the color of the wheat, characteristic of natural gold.

Therefore, the quality of the pasta is selected by the quality of the wheat and its origin, mineral salts, and water that provides a high vacuum level. Founded in 1921, Pneumofore is engaged in researching innovative, reliable, long-term and environmentally sustainable solutions in the field of vacuum pumps and air compressors. The Evolution V series pumps have been switched from anointment to grease up to 40 degrees, with unique and exclusive performance of single-stage pumps.

Pasta, brick and foam applications, which are characterized by the presence of water vapor and water before the exclusive advantage of liquid circulator pumps a few years ago; Using the Pneumofore injection pumps of the UK series, environmental impacts from fluid (water or oil) management have been reduced, reducing electricity and receiving unequal quantities of water and vacuum levels. , with significant costs associated with purchasing and recycling.

Taking into account the limited energy costs of single power savings, we have received investment returns that do not make the investment attractive to them. At the same time, the quality of the product has improved considerably due to the improved absolute productivity.

In Pastificio Garofalo, 1998, Gragnano's "sacred territory" is of the same quality as the first UV16 pump for the replacement of three liquid pumps. In addition to water management issues, electricity consumption decreased by 15%; with the same capacity, the vacuum level has also increased and, consequently, the quality. At present, the plant has seven UV16 BPs and one UV8 BP, which confirms the reliability, stability and energy efficiency guaranteed by Pneumofore vacuum systems, which are reflected in the perfect quality of the final product.

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