Sunday , June 20 2021

Referendum Attack, quorum: Only 16.4% of the novels are voting. Among voters, 74%

The Roman transport company does not have enough participation in the referendum, which is always a disgraceful service to the chronicle, which has always been due to ineffectiveness, fireless competition, and vehicle fire. In addition to the novels, the monopolist asked if it agreed to liberalize the service through open tenders to allow the monopolist to compete beyond the limits and expand the public transport to other types of collective transport. But citizens are not really interested in it. The referendum was purely advisory, but the number of voters did not reach 33%. But among the voters, yes, 74%.

Overall, 386.9 thousand citizens voted 2.363.989 out of registered voters, with their final presence at 20 in 16.38%. At only 12 o'clock, it was only 4.63%, and in 16 was 8.95%.

Poll claim: "They did not vote for us"

As many citizens did not bring their election cards, they announced they had not voted on their seats, however, as it was not deemed necessary by the Mayor. Campidoglio has waived any responsibility by allowing you to expressly provide all relevant information.

Voices are divided into districts

San Lorenzo-Parioli-Sitorio Nomentamo is the city with the highest rate, even in the city center, with 25.25% of the votes. Together with Mona, Tor-Bella is a common flair of the referendum, with more than 9 percent of the vote, the highest number of polling stations.

Quorum Summary: "We're Going To Targa"

Since one of the consultations was the lowest threshold, the outcome could have been a major factor in the future of ATAK. Campidoglio formalizes the need to reach a quorum 33.3%, and instead, promoters did not consider it necessary to change the Charter of Astana, which has refused the referendum council. "Campion has dropped the quorum of this call. In our opinion, this is not a referendum, so we will discuss this issue before the TAR. " Thus, the radical MP Riccardo Maggie.

Radicals and Organizers of the Referendum: "Communist Khosta To Overcome Direct Democracy"

"The campus has created chaos with the participation of citizens. According to the captain's rules, approximately 300,000 students, non-residents who have not participated in voting, have been given the last 48 hours. They also know that they can vote, and we hope to collect more than 300,000 votes, but this is a consistent result, given the situation. We get reports from all the displaced people, regardless of their voting rights. direct democracy, but first of all, thanks to junta-raggi, which speaks directly about democracy, is capable of organizing regular and regular operations. " So, Magi.

Mayor of Raggi: "The novels want to remain open to Ataturk"

In Raggi's writing: #AtacRestaDeiCittadini. The novels want the people to survive. At present, 600 new buses, stripes, additional check, restart by meter upgrades and the latest sprint. All voters' attention and respect.

Reports of Atac

In 2016, the city transport company will receive 1.3 billion cubic meters of gas. Certified debt, while the current estimate was $ 1.4 billion. The car fleet of the company 2000 does not leave more than 1,300 vehicles on average every day, as they are invalid or spare parts. 11,000 people are employees of Atac, including drivers.

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