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Ronald's goal is to drop. Mourinho shows his ear


Mourinho's gesture at the end of the match. Bozzani

Mourinho's gesture at the end of the match. Bozzani

Everything changes quickly and in the evening it becomes a joke. What was the stadium in Cristiano Ronaldo's dressed up party for the party that was glad for the skill and the sadness of Manchester United's coming back? The team came to the finish line and signed for Alex Sandro. Two goals were scored by Aquilles in Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus scored their first goal in the Champions League with Manchester United and was similar to Portugal coach Hos Mourinho, who was a Real Madrid student, but had no relationship with Idyll for a long time, but it was useless because now he is eighth qualification again discussed.

Allegri confirms the attack of the "Old Trafford" (Cuadrado and Dybala) and substitutes Cancelo and Matuidi in place of De Sciglio and Hediera, who are returning from the first minute after injury, in connection with an injury. The stadium was packed (4,194,190 euros) and hot and reserve treatment antipodes "Mourinho" (with pushing, humiliating choruses) and former Pogba expeditions. The game was immediately rejected by Cristiano Ronaldo in the corner, then he did not play in the first half and did not play when he wanted to hit Hidra's big ball of CR7. Until another good opportunity for Juventus: Cuadrado's Matic was promoted, and then De Gea found out enough to get out of the door, but Lindalof waited for Dibala (short rise). Juve does not cease, but plays well, makes good balls, plays well in the wing, and in the middle, especially Bentanur, inspired by it, closes the ground in the middle, fights 4-3-3. On the side of Alexis Sanchez, Lingar, but he is ready to strike a break. The only English speaking tongue before the interval belongs to Alexis Sanchez, which does not preclude the emergence of the Scarlet Scenario.

Pierce and Befa
In the second half "Juventus" is developing rapidly and in a few minutes attacks Dibala. Del Pallone's left side will not allow failure. After about a quarter of the success of God, Bonchick and Ronaldo do not have the right to be saved. The Portuguese show continued with an assault on the attack, and Pajiev and Kuadra dropped two good opportunities to double. And that is the fault of Juventus: Do not provide the match for doubling. Manchester was small but cynical and won in the final. After a few minutes to the death penalty, the 90th line of attack comes out of the newly-formed Matata: another punishment for the young man and the last Alex Sander's shoulder. Morinion is marked by the controversy of the fight, and the stadium confuses: abandoning the game.

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