Tuesday , January 31 2023

Samp: Ferrero, we also went with Piatek


(ANSA) – GENOA, NOVEMBER 20 – "I hope Derby can do it
All the citizens of Genoa smile, but I am convinced
we will live again. " Consequently, President Sampdoria Massimo
Ferrero spoke to Radio Marte and presented his hand to Strasitadin
Genoa is scheduled for Sunday in Ferrari. 30 thousand people are expected
the city has been wounded more than once
There was a tragic accident in Ponte Moranin's downturn. Top manager
Piatek defines market background in Genoa bomb:
"Polish derby between Kaakatski and Piataek
Piaiatec became the Kaukatsky Nature Reserve. We've seen them both
We decided to take Kownacki as he took over for us.
I'm sure Piatek will last for a long time, so I see the Presidios
Quagliarella? "It's in my heart, we have a relationship
calm and after the holidays we see each other. In January we make a full decision
What should be done to rest: If he wants to stay, he will stay with us if he wants to stay
We'll go and leave. Quagliarella is a champion
so it never ends. "

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