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Sora, the diocese, takes her to the parish guard against migrants. Bishop Antonazzo: "The result of doubtful personal choices"


"Doubtful individual choice«. Monsignor Gerardo Antonazzo, The bishop of Sorah, himself, was driven away from Don Donato Piazzati, the pastor of the municipal municipality Frosinone it's a patriotic holiday San Rocco migrant workers. "The foundation of San Rocko's life. – explained mgr. Antonítszio in his preaching – this was the evangelical choice "Before Others" For the poor and suffering of Christ, "thus confirms his commitment to taking migrants along with Caritas. However, the Soriano priest said that while volunteers were at home, volunteers were " cell phones or colleges and that the chains on their necks come from reprisal. But what kind of persecution? Let's look around and see our city our homeland. We look at people around us, who do they need, and how much I know, and so much more than they can get embarrassed. "

The owner of the Sora, Cassino, Acino and Pontecorvo diocese clearly showed the distances. "Any idea is expressed in any way, does not mean it is the will of the eparchy, and only the dubious personal choices of each of them the only topic«, read in the posted note Facebook to excite the bishop Ciociaro. "The testimony of San Rocko," says a statement, further stimulates the work of our church, Caritas, always welcome the old and new facilities and serve them with love poverty. This perception was particularly relevant to immigrants who came to us territory with excellent prefecture Frosinone, local civic institutions, voluntary associations involved in the process integration. This pastoral choice it can not change, because Christianity accepts the Gospel of Charity to no one, without any exception or exception. "


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