Thursday , September 29 2022

Stefania Puchchiarelli is the Senate Human Rights Commissioner for Gramellini


Words are full. Expression of "human rights". It's time to call the ember and eighteen. No, not at all. The new president of the Senate Human Rights Committee complained about bulldozers in the Roman camps, opposed the introduction of torture, "mites" were frequently encountered by social centers and made it difficult for them to convey last year's "social" with the guy who called the oven for migrant workers. Bad resume. According to senator Stefanou Pucchierelli, the mandate of his mandate will be to combat the persecution of Christians. International praiseworthy intentions, but in Italy, there is only Malgioglio, when there are really serious TV programs for happy Christians. The ultimate goal of the new president is to protect the segment of the population that you consider humanitarian protection deserved: the Italians who are directly related to the Catholic faith and white skin. They are persecuted by Roma, gay men, drug addicts, invaders, aggressors and, in general, introspection.

The word "human rights" has changed its meaning. Not only the United Nations, but also an ambassador of the liberal nation such as Saudi Arabia. These increasingly distorted rights are not the same for all people, and they create a great directory to rely on their own peculiarities. It looks like the spirit of the times and is not very smart.

November 15, 2018 (updated November 15, 2018)


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