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Stock market index and spreads on November 19, 2018



Closed for Wall Street in a negative area. Dow Jones lost 1.56% to 25,012.02 points, Nasdaq ranging from 3.03% to 7.028.48 points and S & P 500 at 1.66% at 2,690.80.

19.11 – FACEBOOK lost 5.82%

Facebook falls from February 2017. Social media shares drift into Wall Street. They lost 5.82% after the latest news about New York Times and Wall Street Mark Zuckerberg. But this is a decline in all technological sectors. Apple lost 3.77%, and has been rumored to cut down production orders to respond to Wall Street Journal's weak demand for iPhone. Amazon lost 4.76% and Netflix 5.06%. This S & P 500 technology sector was repaid last year with the best performance. The American price-list also reduced the breach of Asia-Pacific economic cooperation, which for the first time ended with nearly 30 US-China trade war wrangles without a joint communiqué.

19.11 – DOW JONES A -1.59%

Wall Street is on Facebook's 5.70% worst area. Dow Jones lost 1.59% to 25,009.84 points, Nasdaq was up from 2.63% to 7,058.63 points, and S & P 500 at 1.596% in 2,693.13 points.


Wall Street sharply decreases with Apple and Facebook, which eliminates the technology sector. Dow Jones lost 1,16% to 25,117.26 points, Nasdaq increased from 2,17% to 7,090.58 points, from S & P 500 to 1,21%. Facebook lost 4,71%.

17.42 – MILAN CLOSES down -0.29%

Piazza Afari closes. Ftse Mib ranges from 0.29% to 18,823 points.

17.25 – scored 321 points

The spread between BTP and Bund is growing. Differential rate is higher than 320 basis points (321), with a decedual rate of 3.58%.


Apple is causing damage to Wall Street, where it is 3.27%. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new iPhone is weak and reduces the production of three Apple iPhone models.


The Milan Stock Exchange has a negative effect on Ftse Mib, which is 0.1%. Piazza Affari influences the fall of Wall Street, according to other listings across the Old Continent. And in the background, there was a political conflict between the government and the EU maneuver. The spread between BTP and Bund has risen to 318 basis points, with Italian 10 years yield 3.54%. In Piñza Affari, Mediobanese (-3.8%), Banca Mediolanum (-1.9%), Terna (-1.8%), Recordati (-1.6%) and Tenaris (-2.4%, Dividends Luxottica (-1.7%) and Eni (-0.9%) were the most promising prospects for network disconnection after appointment as Luigi Gubitoso as Managing Director, and Tim (+ 3.8%). There are also good Carige (+ 11%), Banco Bpm (+ 3%) and Ubi (+ 2%) banks.


Wall Street is getting worse. Dow Jones lost 0.92% to 25.177.42 points, Nasdaq dropped from 1.80% to 7,117.97 points, and S & P 500 ranged from 0.90% to 2,711.39 points on the ground.

15.59 – Speed ​​up and stop SPREAD 315 POINTS

The spread between BTP and Bund will increase to 315 basis points on the Bloomberg screens and the Treasury's 10-year yield will increase to 3.53%.

3.40 at WALL STREET NEGATIVE DJ -0.15%, NASDAQ -0.34%

Open in negative territory for Wall Street. Dow Jones has lost 0.15% to 25,375.84 points, Nasdaq ranges from 0.34% to 7.222.55 points, and from 0.2% to 2,730.98 points on S & P 500.


There is no need to sign up for Italy's fourteenth BTP, which was launched on November 19th. The mid-term inflation subsidy lasted for four years and still remained at $ 366 million. It is Euro. The placement will continue for small investors until Wednesday, and Thursday will be offered to institutional investors. According to the Treasury, Btp Italia is "mostly indexed to Italian inflation for the needs of the retail market" because it protects the investor from the rise in Italian prices, with a guaranteed minimal annual coupon rate of 1.45%. The actual rate must be set at the end of the ordering period and may not be less than the guaranteed minimum. The last BTP was placed in May in Italy, which has risen by 160 basis points to $ 7.5 billion. Euro exceeds $ 4 billion.


Piazza Afari is nearing the average daytime proximity (Ftse Mib + 0.1%), mostly after Europe's positive start, following Banco Bpm and Tim, plus 3% and strong Ubi (+ 2.3%), , while Salvatore Ferragamo exceeds three percentage points. There were also purchases in Intesa and Unicredit, which grew by 1%, two points lower than Saipem and Tenaris, while Medobank lost 3.8% due to expectations for dividend payments. Carige (+ 11%) and Astaldi (-15%) are very small.


After his appointment as Managing Director and General Manager of Tim Lige Gubitos, Piazza approached the half-day slippers in Afaria: from the beginning, 3.5% 0.555 after the highest session on the euro 0.555. Good, but exceptional exchanges: At present, 70 million shares have changed hands against 93 million of the whole day.


Piazza Affari continues to be the first session positive week, but reduction growth in line with other European exchanges: the Ftse Mib index is 0.6% and parity on other continental markets. The Alliance's president Nissan Renault-Mitsubishi Motors, Carlos Gosne, and later Paris (Cac Index + 0.1%), Renault expands the loss and decline by 7%. Japan fines for violation of financial regulations. In the Piazza Affari, the weight of the Mediaobank, Recordati, Tenaris and Terna fell and the weight of the MediaBank, which lost, first of all, dropped from 3% to 7.5 euros. Stable Carige (+ + from 11% to € 0.0019) rose 3.5% to stop its low float auction at Astaldi.

10.30 – The best in Europe

The European fund's shares were carefully upheld at the beginning of the day and provided with a price resumption oil about opportunitiesOPEC Determine large volumes of production: London 0.4% saline, Paris 0.7% e Frankfurt half percentage point. Milan, the Italian government bonds have the experience of reducing tensions, and this week the Ftse Mib index is 1.2%, the best stock exchange. Piaszia was promoted to Afarid Tim after the appointment of a new CEO (+ from 4% to 0.55 euros), followed by UBI (+ 3.9%) and Banco Bpm (+ 3.5%). The small name Banca Carige is still very volatile, and at 11% above the volatility auction. Mediobanca is still weaker, 2.3% lower, Salvatore Ferragamo down and two and a half points. Astaldi rose to -9% after the weekend, and Salini Impregilo, who made an optional offer within the construction team, rose by 2.8% to 2 euros.


The primary stock exchanges confirm the positive initiative Piazza Affari: The Ftse Mib index will increase by 0.8%, with the use of low voltages at the beginning of the e-market on Italian government bonds, will grow 2.5% after Tim Gubitosey has been appointed as Managing Director. Among other major stocks, high-tech inventories have grown by 2.4% for good international Stm (+ 2.5%), Cnh. Banca Mediolanum will drop by 1.6%, while Mediobank will drop by 3% for significant but unusual trades. Ferragamo is also weak (-3.5%), while Banca Carige is 11% smaller among smaller reserves, always very variable.


For the first trade Tim Following the appointment of Luigi Gubitosi as Chief Executive Officer and General Manager in the Milan Stock Exchange: the initial shares are from 2% to 0.5%.


Start at right Piazza Affari: The first Ftse Mib index shows a 0.5% increase, with Ftse It All-Share increasing by 0.34%.

08.46 – Spread in CALO

The distribution between BTP i Bund will be reduced to 308 points against Friday's closing day by 312. The yield on the Italian bond is 3,46%.


The first week of the Exchange is for the stock market Asian and area Pacific after the Japanese recovery in October and commercial barometer Chinese i United States of America in these hours, according to financial operators, it will improve. Tokyo finished its day by 0.6% Shanghai By 0.9%, while Hong Kong positively assessed half a point. The total value of Seoul is 0.3%, and the high-tech "Kosdag" – 1.7%. Some sales in the last meeting in Sydney, Sydney, are listed on a number of resources, with 0.6% of them waiting for the start of their industry in Europe.

06.15 – Good Japanese export

Request revival machine Reconstruction to the United StatesJapanese export Compared to last month, there were a series of natural disasters in the country, including an Oscarsky airport closure and a magnitude 7 earthquake in the island of Hokkaido. According to the Ministry of Finance of Japan, in October exports increased by 8.2%, which was reduced by 1.3% in September.

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