Saturday , October 23 2021

Tesla, a temporary exhibition hall in Bologna


Elon Musa electrician is located in Bologna, in the center of the trendy shopping area with a temporary exhibition hall. Galleria Cavour takes the Tesla Model X SUV up to March 2019 to allow the public to have 100% power sports equipment and Powerwall, a rechargeable lithium-ion home battery.

Apart from ecologically clean and aesthetically pleasing, Tesla Model S and Model X offer 100% electric drive with high level of security, incredible design and unmatched power. With unmatched autonomy and convenient access to all Tesla, Model S and Model X ecosystems, they upgraded the standards of 21st century cars. Excessive software upgrades allow you to add new features, improve productivity, and make driving experience even faster. Everything goes away, without passing through the service center, "they are fixed from home. "Visitors can also get more information about the Tesla models, which shipments are expected from the start of 2019," says Tesla. (SB)

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