Wednesday , May 25 2022

The former referee has secretly updated his secret room colleagues


He blamed his colleagues: a former judge who recaptured Castellamore dresses after the history, training and games worthy of gambling comedies of the eighth year. The man of the Castellamarara condemns sexual violence after investigations after the five girls entered into force. One of the girls who discovered that the stolen movies were included in the mobile phone. Police officers of the Stybium police are investigating.

Witnesses of other oppressors could have appeared in the race and transfer of the former judge to accompany them. As expected by the newspaper Metropolis, the sporting process has been completed by issuing a person's arbitration card. But the investigation into the proceedings continues.

The girls went to the Anti-Struggle Center "Stabimento" legally and psychologically. "Facts are emerging," explains lawyer Lieber Crespin, who helps her, and girls need help to get injured. " Investigators also captured the former judge's mobile phone and found that videos with stolen pictures could be sent to chat or send to the network.


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