Monday , January 30 2023

The highest marks in November are expected


Timer switch: New App for 30 Euros per month, 7 euros per month, and other October promotions

It is impossible to remember clients in November TIM. Italian manager's customers have found some bitter implications for fixed-line telephony contracts these days. As it has been said recently November 1 dozens of games have started conditional reconstruction.

TIM fixed telephony prices will be increased for all people

It is a sign of actual loss for all users. The following invoices will be projected Increase transportation costs: asubscribers will be evaluated at more than 0.50 from the previous one € 2. More specifically, the subscriber scenario is based on two specific tariffs.

Unlimited Internet In addition to the cost of shipping, you will need to pay a few cents per month. We are using € 27.20 to € 28. This also applies to users TIM Smart. In this case, recurring price increases More than € 1.90 every thirty days. Excessive dryness and no additional thresholds or services

TIM sent all items to interested parties by mail. Users can even request information about company assistance, Celebrity 119.

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