Friday , October 7 2022

The Lakers, The Lemron, destroys the Atlantic. Show Tux, Houston laughs


ROMA – New Lakers: Atlanta 107-106 and the fifth in the last six races, the third row begins to become more complex. Lairon James (26 points), who won the winner in 15 seconds, but especially Tyson Chandler, who triumphed Trad Jong and won the victory. Today "Lakers" (Kuzmės with 18 points) play in the play-offs period, and in the West Bladers is the first alternative to the "Golden State": 100-94 Boston and the fourth success. Two double Lillards (19 points and 12 assistants) and Nurkich (18 points and 17 qualifiers), Celtic's 27 titles and 21 Irving. Instead, the Nuggets stopped, which fell under the three Brooklyn Lopez: 28 points to it, 24 from the Arc and 121 to 115 Milwaukee. The second force of the East Conference for the "Baks", as well as Antetokounmpo 22 points, 9 flexible and 8 assistants. Houston restorative signals, which eventually breaks the seasonal Tabu Toyota Center: charts 115-103 and reaches first success for internal Rockets. Dr. Antony's quintet is Harten (40 points) and Pulse (26 points), but the adventure in Houston was not replaced by Carmelo Anthony, but former NYK kicks off in the summer and still did not believe it, and in the next few hours May be "cut off". About Knicks, Tennis Parker has won 24 points in 28 minutes and scores in the Charlotte Detroit at 115-89 (22 points Ross and 21 points and Vuchecius 'victory for Magic') from Orlando. (Together with Italpress)

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