Wednesday , October 5 2022

The regions are allowed to say goodbye


stamp car

The car tax even if it's M5S for all the elements, it will not be totally deleted Luigi di Maío first of all, to reduce it by decreasing its size. In the future the same tax will be regulated by the European Union, which will not allow Italy to change that tax. New vehicle tax is calculated on the issue CO2 so only a small part of the electric cars will be able to pay.

The Constitutional Court Instead, it decided to allow tax deductions on the basis of clearly defined events, such as the car's administrative block. Although there is no logical point of view in Italy, even though there is no hope for a clear exemption, each region decides how to reduce taxes.

In this connection Cassation allowed not to cross the border in order to avoid unpleasant situations that could harm the Italians. The offer is of significance Luke Antonion, the chief judge of the Cassation was earlier put out to exclude cars, but vintage cars. Now call the Italians back to the attack, complaining about this futile charge.

even though Luigi Di Mao, Minister of Economic Development, encouraged his proposal and encouraged Antonini to support this resolution. Nevertheless, we saw that this tax brought more money than the state treasury 200 million euros. This should be called search ISTAT for a period of time From 2013 to 2018.

Transport stamp, farewell: yes, but when?

In this regard i suspicions and concerns of citizens. There are those who are not satisfied with this offer and are not afraid of fear. Although the resolution is 100% approved, the vehicle tax will not be deducted. Over time, it will be appropriate to say that the regional territorial governments. In this regard, we still do not know when to do it all.

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