Monday , January 30 2023

The spray goes up to 327, and Tria worries. Peak bag, ECB alarm in banks


Climbing: over 330 hp

This is evidenced by the latest EU decision: 335 base points, 330 peaks, 326 closing down and closing the stock exchange, and the Italian BTP record will show a new flop of reducing trust. There is nothing left to do with "cutting your finger" for the ECB that affects Greek affairs, and hopes banks will not abandon "political debates."

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Economic Minister Giovanni Tria defended the budget law before the European Commission, while two vice prime ministers, Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Mai, continue to play in the future, and Germany's Bunnian differentiation will be softer in the next few days. The European Commission acts as a "rubber wall" but is believed to be the "5S Leader's Trust". He asks respect for Europe and the markets, and, according to the first number of the League, speculative relations are the only reason for explaining that the spread is at a high level. The fight against whom has been declared.

And in the evening his right hand, Giancarlo Georgetti, sees the decision to stop short sale: "We hope that this will stop short sale in Italy". The newspaper may include Consob's presence, but still develops. Nerve persecution in Morocco's EuroCroup CEO Mario Centseno proves insufficient new plans of the Italian government in Brussels: "Renewal does not improve the costs of debt financing – notes – and we see it on the market today, and so it did not endanger concern about the budgetary strategy of Italy." Tomorrow, Brussels will not accept the statement that it will open the way for the debt to the debt, and the picture may deteriorate.

Also, the European Commission's decision does not correspond to the OECD report card and ISTAT 2019-2020 GDP data, which indicated weak growth in the fourth quarter according to the Confucius Research Center. In the Yellow-and-Green chess game, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte continues to act as a mediator: the next Saturday, he sees the Commission President Claude Juncker. Many expectations are devoted to the search for a constructive dialogue in Rome, and many meetings of the strengths of today's solutions. It continues the framework of the budget law that the parliament and senators have come to monitor. Outside Italy, of course, is not only about the risk that Brussels has to condemn but also basically focuses on the banking sector and hence the influence of guardians. The current supervisor of Eurotower, Daniel Nouy, ​​recently recognizes the "efforts" of the Italian banking institutions to clear the budgets and, therefore, entails the collapse of the "political debate". – recalls Greece. The growth of the spread will affect the banking sector "not only on capital but also on financing costs", on the other, Andrea Enrija, President Eba, has been appointed as the successor of Nouy in Frankfurt. And the first signs of failure, warned by ABI, are beginning to write down: in October, interest rates on credit have increased.


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